19 Photos Where the Background Was Better Than The Picture

Sometimes, the view from the window is really captivating and taking a picture is the first thing that comes to mind. We want to capture everything, from beautiful moments to breathtaking views, everything. After all, in some time all these photos will turn into memories that we will cherish. Just by looking at them, we can travel back in time and relive that beautiful moment. Another reason why we love clicking pictures is social media. We want to keep our followers engaged by posting photos of anything we want to show our followers. Whether it is the new makeup look we tried or a new recipe we made. An inspirational gym selfie or a glimpse of our last vacation. We have to share an insight into our lifestyle. And why not? After all, every person is a brand.

At times we are in such a hurry of clicking the best photograph that we often overlook little details in the background that streal our spotlight. Sometimes, these little background blunders turn out to be hysterical and sometimes they are so precious that we are left in awe. We found 19 photos with backgrounds you can’t unsee. Some of them are hilariously complementing the focused object of the picture, others are surprise photobombs that stole the show. Scroll down to take a look.

It’s a beautiful day for a good beach picture featuring a best friend doing what he does best.

Credits: lazarevsergey

Seems like this guy was in the middle of a very important conversation when someone just interrupted.


Credits: MetalW0lf 

Sometimes, unexpectedly, weird things are happing in the background and we don’t notice it. We casually take a picture and later when we see them, we wish we would have stopped and checked if the background is picture ready or not. However, sometimes it’s worth it. The picture is a visual memory in a hardcopy. A lot of our sentiments are attached to them. Whether they make us laugh or cry, they’re most definitely a prized possession.

Elmo wasn’t expecting to see this.


Credits: Imgur

Best photobomb ever…


Credits: moneyor2 

An acrobat in the making.


credits: Akva 

That expression is everything…


Credits: punkonater

“Seriously!? Another one!?”


Credits: fifyi 

Photobombed by the coolest Prince!


Credits: sidewinderucf

Maybe those are his lost pucks…


Credits: Uncle-Chicken 

*Sees people taking pictures* “Must photobomb!”


Credits: notactuallyannie

“I can never resist a good ol’ fashion photobomb.”

“Hooman, did u just replace me with a tiny version of yourself?!”

Credits: ascendantofrain 

“Hey, guys! Don’t forget me.”


Credits: ParvaNovaInitia 

Someone’s clearly not happy.

Credits: prorab1000 

Peekaboo! I see you.


Credits:  IslaMarie 

“I’ll just take a quick nap before the picture.”

Credits: Reddit

The official expression of a third wheel.


Credits: aarontminded 

That seems like the beginning of an epic horror movie.

Credits: deson

She captured somebody’s special moment. How adorable!


Credits: dellarina13 

“I was trying to take selfies with the dolphin behind me, but it was bright out, so I couldn’t see my phone screen.”

That looks like an epic train ride.

Credits: DukeGordon 

An amazing yet hilarious photobomb! A very catchy background that undoubtedly stole the show.

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