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Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week That Will Make You And Your Partner Laugh Out Loud


Growing children can give their parents a tough time, it often even becomes difficult to survive in the same place but you just have to. Hereby, parenting is not at all easy, you just have to bear each other. Saying this might sound absurd but it’s true. Every parent holds an endless sea of love for his child in his heart but that doesn’t make parenting any easier. After a week full of routine chores, running after the children, and commitments, every parent deserves a break at the end of the week.


Twitter proved to be a refuge for the parents to rant endlessly at least on the weekend. Here all the tired parents come together to refreshen themselves. Children can be irrational at times and say hurtful things, however, parents do not fail to complain about these things in the funniest way possible. Here’s a compilation of parental tweets who were found ranting about the parent’s life and they are hilarious!

You need to go through these, we’re so you’ll find a lot to relate to. Lighten yourself a bit!

1. The treasure pocket

via AparnaRC

2. This kid is going places.

via A Bearer Of Dad News

3. He must have forgotten who the boss is

via Dr Aine Mahon

4. Preparing the future geniuses

via henpecked_hal

5. The bitter truth

via I hide from my kids

6. Academia in a nutshell

via Ignacio Monzon

7. Bring down all the hurdles that come your way!

via Jessie

8. That isn’t fair play

via Josie duffy rice

9. Growing up hittin’ too hard

via Kevin The Dad

10. I cannot parent anymore for a while

via Laura marie

11. Busting the plans like a pro parent

via Lottie-pop

12. Makes me wonder who the mom is, here

via Muminbits

13. So that they can teeth together

via Mylifeasadad
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Kids these days are quite smart, they can drive you crazy asking so many questions. Their curious souls almost never get satisfied. But the point to be wondered is that, they do ask some seriously genius questions. However, after long tiring days, parents find it extremely difficult to satisfy these inquisitive minds. Here you can find all the parents ranting mutually how their genius monsters never stop!

14. Only that I was playing along too

via Nicholas G

15. Brave mom in town

via not the nanny

16. I am on a full-time parenting job

via Professional Worrier

17. Am I a good parent yet?

via Rachel Sobel

18. The age of techno-kids

via My life as a dad

19. Never ask a woman about her age

via That mom tho

20. He’s wiping his nose out of affection, perhaps

via the dad

21. A future ponderer

via XennDad

It’s certainly cute and interesting at the same time that along with their complaining sessions parents also share parenting advice here too. Some parents might seriously learn something apart from sharing the mutual stress of parenting. Its hard for parents to take out time and go meet their friends, during the busy days. In such a busy life it’s pretty feasible to find an online space where you can find people similar to you and share some bitter-sweet moments. The best part about this space is that adults being mature enough are expressing their pain in the most hilarious way possible, entertaining so many other depress souls.

If you can relate to any of the above, do mention it in the comments. We’ll love to hear about more the similar stories!


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