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50 Wholesome Before And After Pictures Of Cats Growing Up

There is a certain joy in growing up with a pet. Something about having an ally, a friend, and a companion during all the days you do not feel your best who are there just to make sure that your bad days don’t take over. There are many people who got their pet when they were really young, like perhaps ten years old, and then when they went through puberty and became adults, not only they grew, but their pets grew too.


Like all living creatures, they age and grow old with you, and while some grow up, some just grow old. This here is a list of pets people submitted as it was a prime example of what time does to a cat owner and a cat. When they’re just babies, kittens are basically little more than handfuls of fluff and sass, but when they grow older, they become machines of predatorial naps. That’s probably the best way to describe a cat in the first place. A predatorial nap machine.

#1 A handful of cat

My Sweet Boy Chewy. From A Couple Days Old To Almost 15 Years Old! We’ve Both Grown So Much

#2 Staring up


Neville Growing Up

#3 Lazy ginger


They Grow Up So Fast

#4 The eyes!


Princess Peaches As A Baby

#5 Black cats in sinks


Jelly Bean In August 2016 And In August 2017

#6 Sip


Two Years Later, And You Still Can’t Leave Your Water Unattended Near Flux

#7 Cuddling kitties


Big & Ginge – Sadly Big Is No Longer With Us

#8 Big boy


I Couldn’t Resist Adding Another One Of Pussy. Cuddles Sure Have Changed In 7 Years

#9 I love cats


Leia, 1.5 Months / 4 Years, Little Ball Of Darkness

#10 Keyboard attention



My Ragdoll Mcfly, He’s Now 5

#11 Hat


Hobbe At 3 Months / 18 Years Old. Born In 1999!

#12 Black and white goblins

Gremlyin And Gremlyang In June 2016 And What They Look Like One Year Later! And They Are Brothers

#13 Grace and poise.


Prozac Mothcatcher Speightsbox Mcspike, Now 13

#14 Twins

In 2000 And In 2017

#15 Nap machine


Curious Little Girl To Giant Sleepy Fluff Ball. And She’s Still Growing!

#16 Garden cat


#17 She’s so tiny


Walda – 2008 Vs 2017

#18 Some things never change

The Importance Of Siesta

#19 Outdoors boy.


Pussy. From Tiny Fluff Ball To Handsome 7 Kilo Cat

#20 The long-faced gremlin

Freya – Then And Now

#21 Lick


Not Much Has Changed

#22 Judgmental stare

Jake The Ragdoll 1 Year Later

#23 Lazy sits

This Is Ares. We Adopted Him When He Was 1,5 Years Old. Second Picture Is Of Him Almost A Year Later

#24 Bountiful harvest

Iskelil – 16 Weeks And 2 Years. Her Kidneyes Are Failing And She Is Only Here On Borrowed Time

#25 Standing at attention.

Splort The First Day We Got Him And 5 Years Later ❤

#26 From stairs to blankets


Luna – 11 Years Later

#27 The two-year difference!

Miss Sassy As A Baby And Even More Now!

#28 Siamese with blue eyes.



#29 Long whiskers

Still Lovely 🙂

#30 Angry and pouty

Shiva – At 5 Years Old And Now 12 Years Old

#31 ET go home


ET When She Was 4weeks In 2011 & Now 5 Years Later

#32 Napping hard

This Is What Happens To A Kitty When You Pour Love All Over It For 6 Months!

#33 He got a tie

Muffin. 2 Months – 3 Years

#34 Cuddle buddy


Mykos And Mr. Monkey. Then And Now

#35 The hunter

About 6 Weeks Old In 1993 And At 18 Years Old In 2011. Unfortunately, About 2 Months Later, He Passed Away.

#36 Tiny flower cat

In Memory To My Willow – Till We Meet Again

#37 Delicate white spots


Jesse 4 Years Later

#38 Confusion

Schatzi Cuteness Transformation

#39 From baby to gremlin

Our Bottle Baby, Always Very Independent!

#40 Adult kitten.



#41 From confused to preying.


#42 Look at his smile

When I Adopt Him At 3 Months And Now 1 Year Old. Mucipu Always Meow For Snacks Even The Bowl Aren’t Empty Yet

#43 Two-face


Mostarda – 2 Months To 1 Year

#44 She’s got bunny ears

Always So Dignified! (2010 And 1lb Vs 2017 And 15lb)

#45 Black sphinx

Sirius Black, From 1 Month To 1 Year

#48 This looks exactly like my cat!


Zeus Growing Since 7 Weeks

#49 Chonk

Jasmine When She First Arrived From The Shelter, And About 10 Years Later; Yes, She Is On A Diet

#50 In the arms.

He Was Just A Normal Kitten, And Then He Exploded

What about you? Did you have a cat growing up that’s completely unrecognisable now? We’d love to see them down in the comments!


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