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Beagle Becomes Surrogate Mom And Fosters Two Adorable Kittens

Who said that dogs and cats can’t get along?

Over the years we have seen many instances where dogs got along with other animals just fine. I mean, in real life cats and dogs don’t always act like Tom and Spike from Tom & Jerry. They do, but not always. Sometimes, they share a bond so strong that they are almost inseparable. The thing is, all animals understand one language and it’s the language of love.

They know well how to give and receive affection. Of course, this is more commonly seen in domestic animals, but it applies to all animals in general. So, if you still have doubts about the bond that dogs and cats can share, allow me to introduce you to Daisy, Fletcher and Dexter.

Daisy is a one-year-old Beagle, who lives in Staplehurst, Kent with her owner Jane Whitton and two kittens named Fletcher and Dexter.


The two 9-months-old kittens were the newest addition to the family. When Jane bought them home, Daisy got super excited to see them.


‘When we brought them home, she was very bouncy, very bouncy and excited at her new friends. She’s grown up with cats but kittens were a whole new thing for her,’ Jane said.

At first, Daisy was just playing with the little kittens, but as time passed and she fell more in love with them, she decided to become their surrogate mother and raise them herself.

The trio is now inseparable.


Their bond is totally different. It is so unique and special that Daisy even feeds them her own milk.


That’s not all! From playing with them with all day to bathing them and making sure they’re safe, Daisy takes complete care of her little babies like any mother would do.

Talk about a mother’s love!


“Daisy is basically like their mum,’ said Jane. ‘They’re best friends, they spend all of their time together. If any other dog goes near the kittens, Daisy gets really protective and will get between them. She’s their protector and surrogate mum.”

It has now become clear that dogs dont need to have their own babies to show their materal love. Sometimes, they just have a special connection that is beyond our normal understanding!

Take a look at their complete story below:

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