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These Comics Hilariously Describe What’s It Like To Own A Cat

We are all in this together!

If you think your cat is annoying you a little too much lately, just know that you are not alone. These days there aren’t many things that unite people. But, I’m glad to say that when it comes to cats, all cat owners can relate to the same problems.


That’s where artist Cody Stone Stowe’s web-comic series come in! He has a cat named Coral and like all cat owners, Cody has to deal with similar problems every day. From scratching his face, disturbing him during work to wanting his complete attention all the time, Coral makes sure his human knows that he loves him very much.

So scroll on below and take a look at his comic series on cats that have been inspired by his very own Coral.


It do be like that.

It all depends on the mood.

Right in the face!

While talking to Bored Panda, Cody said:

“In 2016, living in my own home, I thought it was time to get my first pet. A cat was always ideal since they seemed to be low maintenance (only slightly true). Coral was the first cat we picked up to hold, she climbed on my back, scratched the hell outta me and from then on, she owned me.”


Omg is that true?

Couldn’t have said it better.

Maybe that’s why they scratch us back.


Not today!


Real sh*t!


It’s not upto you to decide.

Maybe it’s just a cat thing.

Artist Cody Stone Stowe has been bringing people together using his awesome comics for the past couple of years. His work was so popular that he became a full-time artist! Though there’s a whole variety of his comics, we are focusing on his comic series on cats so you can all have your daily dose of funny cats.

That’s hilarious.


It’s even the right color. Thanks!

Why do cats do that?

I win!

That’ll do.


For peace sake!

Never letting you down.

So true.

So, that’s what goes on in their head.

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I’m not even mad.

Not quite what I had in mind…

Come back this instant!

Endless entertainment.

“Hello 911? There’s an intruder in my house. Oh, wait. Cancel that. It’s only my cat.”

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