Bearded Reedling Birds Are Ridiculously Fluffy & Round

There is a wide range of bird species known to mankind today. Each one of these species is different from the other in terms of their characteristics and appearance. Certainly, all birds are beautiful and they never cease to impress us with their beauty. But some birds just stand outside the crowd. That can be due to to their extraordinary looks or their distinct behavior. Another reason can be the bird’s rareness. Some species are either endangered or just rare.


Bearded Reedling is one example. It is an enchanting bird breed that comes from the family of Panuridae. It’s a sexually dimorphic reed-bed passerine bird. Famous for its unique appearance, Bearded Reedling is also referred to as bearded tit due to its resemblance with the long-tailed tit. This bird is total eye candy. Scroll down to check out this fluffy cute mess.

Seems like the bird is about to exhibit some of its ninja skills.

Kev Chapman

You are not fat! You’re just a little chubby.



That’s the face of a true warrior.



Bearded Reedling is an inhabitant of Great Britain. They are found in the reedbeds throughout the year. They were listed as endangered species due to a decline in the number of their population back in 2011. Thankfully, however, today they have grown in number making them a total of 772 breeding pairs. This specie is too beautiful to be extinct.

Bearded tit doesn’t really have a beard. They have a really thick moustache instead.



Puffy birds are the cutest.

Ooh, this one looks angry.

Their moustache looks like the letter “M” or maybe inverted bat ears.

Two peas in a pod.

This one has got to be our favorite Bearded Reedling photo.

This bird is one of a kind. Unique in its appearance and perfectly chubby. What are your thoughts about Bearded Reedlings? Let us know in the comments below.


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