13 Gorgeous Pics Of Strawberry Finches, A Beautiful Rare Bird With Red Plumage

The world is full of beautiful birds that we are not aware of and the nature never fails to amaze us with these stunning birds! Some of these birds are so stunning and pretty that they are compared to berries, strawberries.

These surprising birds are unsurprisingly referred to as strawberry finches. These are small sparrow-sized birds of the family Estrildidae. They can be easily recognized because of their scarlet body which is covered with white spots. These species are somewhat aggressive to birds of the same color and species. They are also really defensive of their nests. However, other than that, they are peaceful and lively.

These birds are naturally present in the Indus Valley of Pakistan to the plains of Brahmaputra which extends to the south of peninsula of India. I am sure most of you are familiar with finches, but not with strawberry finches. Scroll down and have a look at these amazing birdies.

1. The painted finches!


So pretty like the God painted them, Himself!

2. No envy, no jealousy.


Mom, dad and the babies!

3. Such striking plumage!


Strawberry Finches Habitat

These birds are normally found in places with tall grasses or yields frequently close to water. In their common territory, they breed in the monsoon season. They assemble a nest made of sharp grass blades. They usually lay of 5 or 6 white eggs.

4. Adorable little strawberry!


All puffed up finch!

5. Angry looking finch.


This finch is ready to attack.

6. Calling a mate.


7. Extremely stunning!

An excellent capture!

8. Tree with cherry on top.


9. White spots enhancing the beauty!

This strawberry finch is literally a perfect creation of God!

10. Kinda pissed…


Who made this little baby upset??

11. Such incredible beauty!!!

12. That red eye, is watching you !!!


The red finches are always male and the other one is female!

13. Leedul yet so adorable!

The more color, the better.

14. Better together!


Well, aren’t these finches gorgeous? I didn’t know they come in striking strawberry color. They look so pretty! What do you think? Did you already know about strawberry finches or you got to know about them after seeing this article? Let us know in the comments section below!


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