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10+ Beautiful Stories Of Pets Who Got Adopted & Found Their New Homes

Having a boring weekend? Let us light up your moods!

The adopted faces in our weekly episodes have always been a great treat for all animal lovers. But, for those who don’t know the content of our weekly episode, let us explain it to you. Every week, we look for some incredibly cute images of animals on the Internet. These animals are adopted by amazing humans and they decide to share the images of their adopted animals with the world along with their stories. So, we chose some of the best for you to see that there are still many good people in the world who choose to adopt animals instead of buying them, as there are many animals who are always looking for a permanent home.


Unfortunately, most of us always prefer specific “breeds” of animals but true animal lovers don’t care about breeds because they know that every animal is precious and worthy of having a forever home. It’s extremely sad to see how they are abandoned because they are strays but does that make them any less cute? No, sir! They are equally adorable. Anyway, so now it’s time to jump to the images we saved for you! We bet that these pictures will fill your face with a bright smile and make your day even better! So are you ready? Let’s roll!

1. My Newly Adopted Girl Is Recovering From Anaplasmosis And Heartworms, But Despite Everything She Is The Biggest Cuddlebutt And Has Opened Up So Much In Just A Week. Hoping For Many Healthy Buttscritches With Gigi

via casualcamus

2. Hardest Thing About Fostering? Trying To Convince Yourself You Won’t Cave In And Adopt Them. Well, I Stopped Trying To Convince Myself. Here’s My Newest Foster Fail, “Chopper”!

via chaoticbellezza

3. Adoption Day

via Altruistic_Field_372

4. Went To Look At New Born Cats And This Guy Crawled Into My Hoodie Filled Out The Adoption Papers Not Just A Minute Later With The Fluff Ball Still In My Hood

via superbunnymonkey

5. Adopted A Dog Last Week. This Is How She Slept The Other Night

via Code3LI

6. When I Adopted Rumi It Didn’t Take Long To Realize I Had Adopted My Spirit Animal. He’s The Bestest Boy

via woodmandesignco

7. He Literally Fell Right Into Our Lap, How Could We Not Adopt Him? Meet Alfie!

via coreybb

8. My Name Is Newton And I Just Got Adopted!

via teendog80085

9. Adopted This Little Girl Today. Named Her Venus

via SuccubusDemon666

10. My Girlfriend And I Adopted This Little Lady Today, Had Her For 4 Hours And She’s Spent About Half Of It Purring Our Laps, And The Other Half Demanding Strokes. Meet Verity!

via Sir_Wormalot

11. Two Days After Adoption And They’ve Already Settled In

via tally__ann

12. Took About A Hundred Attempts To Get This But Here’s My Pupper Named Milo. Adopted 3 Weeks Ago

via Whats-A-MattR

13. Meet Sally. She’s 12 Weeks Old And We Just Adopted Her From A Rescue

via EBone12355

14. We Adopted The Smaller Kitty 3 Days Ago. They’ve Bonded So Quickly

via lifeofacookie

15. The Kittens I Just Adopted

via seik_22

Out of all the benefits of adopting a pet, the best one is that you get to save the life of a voiceless animal. Not only do you end up saving a life but also free up more space in shelters for other animals to have their chances! We are hoping that these posts might convince you to adopt one! Keep scrolling because we have more doses of cuteness coming up ahead!

16. Adopted This Sweetheart Yesterday: 65lb, 7 Months Old, Supersonic Hearing

via attachedmomma

17. This Little Aussie Tyke Was Adopted For My Mom. Can’t Wait To Introduce Her To The Rest Of The Family

via peatitty

18. Adopting A Second Cat Was The Best Decision. They Love Each Other!

via rosebudmeow

19. After Waiting A Week For Our Adoption Appointment To Finally Come, My Kids Are Smiling As Much As This Happy Boy Is

via ajmeraz82

20. Little Kratos Sleeping From The Excitement Of Adoption Day

via clapkittycat

21. I’ve Been Wanting To Adopt A Cat For Such A Long Time And I Finally Got The Chance To Do It. Here Is Kiki, My 3 Months Old Kitten!

via gonzalofuster

22. I Adopted This Little Guy A Couple Of Weeks Ago. He’s Extremely Very Shy And Has Been Hiding Under My Bed Since Day One. I’m Happy To Finally See Him Out Enjoying The Sun—even Though I Had To Hide To Take This Picture. I’ll Win His Little Heart One Step At A Time!

via Snazzy_SassyPie

23. Adopted Baby Flora After She Was Found Left Outside An Elementary School. Who Could Ever Do Such A Thing After Seeing This Pretty Face?

via eneroquatro2

24. Adopted A Deaf Kitten, My Wife Picked Him Out Specifically For Those Amazing Eyes!

via unsetname

25. Meet Luna! We Adopted Her From A Local Shelter A Week Ago And All She Wants All Day (And Night) Long Is Belly Rubs

via theBird956

26. Read Here Yesterday Black Cats Aren’t Adopted As Much As They Don’t Look As Good In Photos. Meet Morningstar

via Fioraously_Fapping

27. After Spending Most Of My Adult Life Living In Tiny Apartments, I Finally Moved Out Of The City And Was Able To Adopt This Happy Girl. Meet Grace!

via Casandy420

28. Wasn’t Planning On Adopting A Kitten Until She Jumped Up On My Back. Libby Is All Mine Now

via OHenryTwist

29. I Think The Ol’ Bastard Is Starting To Fall In Love With Me. We Adopted Him Last Month And He’s Just Now Getting Comfortable Enough For Some Attention

via non_curamus

30. I Planned On Adopting One- But When I Got There I Didn’t Have The Heart To Separate Him From His Sister. Now I Have Two

via jadevcoop

As we have reached the end of this amazing post, we would just like to say that we have always encouraged our readers to adopt or rescue an animal rather than buying one. There are a lot of animals waiting in line to find a forever home and they just keep piling up. These poor creatures have every right to get another chance at life! Let us know about your thoughts and experiences down in the comments section below.


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