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15 Moms And Dads Who Didn’t Want A Pet But Instantly Changed Their Minds After Seeing Them

15 Moms And Dads Who Didn’t Want A Pet But Instantly Changed Their Minds After Seeing Them

Hair on the couch, pee/poop everywhere and a messy house are some of the reasons why our parents do not allow pets in the house.

Our parents would give us a thousand reasons why we can not have a pet in the house. We would spend years convincing them to get us a pet but they would always have one reply which is “no”. But once we bring a pet home, our parents would be the first ones to think of their names. They would be sleeping with them and taking care of them like their babies. Today, we have 15 moms and dads who did not want a pet but instantly changed their minds after seeing them. Scroll down to enjoy!

1. “He didn’t want my daughter to get a cat”


© crystaljae / Reddit

That’s how dads are! They would tell you no pets in the house but would end up falling in love with your pet more than you.

2. For five years, his daughter asked him to have a cat and for five years he said “no”.


© Alliekat1282 / Reddit

3. When your grandpa does not want a kitten but would hold a kitten while thinking about names:


© guynamedcraig / Reddit

4. Dad with the dog he didn’t want:


© pleasecreatemyacc / Reddit

“My dad dressed “the dog he didn’t want” in my childhood dress he kept for his first grand daughter.”

Seems like this shirt was made for this adorable puppy.

5. “My mom and the dog she didn’t want”


© Zoey_and_co / Reddit

Doggo is madly in love with your mom.

6. “My wife and our cat (that she didn’t want) deep in conversation.”


© bizarroshelly / Reddit

Wife: When did I say I don’t want a cat?

7. “My dad didn’t want a dog. Now she’s his favorite little girl.”

© Ragnar_The-Red90 / Reddit

Do you know why dads do not want dogs or cat? This is the reason why they do not want a dog or a cat. They know they would end up falling in love with them and they would end up taking care of them way too much. Pets are so beautiful and adorable, they can melt anyone’s heart. Our moms and dads are not so cold-hearted that they wouldn’t take care of a little pet. We hope our moms, dads and grandparents never have to say goodbye to their pets.

8. Daddy sleeping with the doggo he never wanted:


© mandiejanee / Reddit

Thanks to the doggo for giving your dad a batman mask we know he would have never expected.

9. “The boyfriend who didn’t want a cat”

© fleve / Reddit

The way this catto is sleeping on your boyfriend’s shoulder shows how happy and satisfied she is!

10. “Just another dad with the dog he didn’t want”


© georgepordgie / Reddit

Dad: I never wanted a dog, it never included puppies.

11. When you do not want a cat but now both are inseparable:

© Rhein Forged / Reddit

“I didn’t want a cat… I now can’t imagine how it was without him.”

12. True love is when you and your human are twinning:


© Parmigiano_Reggiano0 / Reddit

“I will NOT be raising that dog”

13. “From “ don’t bring that giant beast into my house” to “I’m sorry I ran out salami in my secret pocket stash” hug. Moms, am I right?”

© Karapuzio / Reddit

We can clearly see your mom loves your dog way more than you.

14. “Picture of my boi Collin with my dad who didn’t want a cat”


© Sclortbort / Reddit

Dad: The reason why I did not want a cat was because I never knew they can act as a cozy pillow.

15. “He never wanted a dog. Four days after they met, she helped him to recover from a stroke”

© DreamersEyesOpen / Reddit

Our parents always say “I do not want this dog/cat in this house” but after having them, they become the best snuggle buddies. We hope this collection of pets has convinced you to adopt a pet.

Now is the time for dog tax:


© u/Dogedog1232

“My dog Jango looks moderately sus…”


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