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15 Brilliant Before And After Adoption Animal Transformations That Show Power Of Rescue

Every animal deserves a forever home.

People take strays for granted. Strays have the toughest lives. They need to fight for their life every day, find food and shelter, and they rarely find someone nice enough to offer them a forever home. Every animal deserves to have a forever home regardless of how they look and what they have been through. They are capable of giving unconditional love to their owners and their lives would change forever if someone just accepted them. Imagine living such a tough life out in the streets. These babies deserve a home more than anybody else.
Thankfully, there are some kind souls out there that look out for such animals and rescue them. It changes their lives completely. If you are wondering how following are some examples of before and after adoption transformations of animals:


1. “Two years ago he became a part of the family. Now he’s a giant floof.”

© apancoast / Reddit

2. “From a sad, scared kitty to a happy and healthy boy. It only took 2 months of fostering.”


© VerrattiShmurda / Reddit

3. “Meet Korra. She’s the most gentle dog I’ve ever met.”


© showerfriendtotheend / Reddit

4. “Our girl Poppy has been with us for about 5 months now.”


© cubic_d / Reddit

5. “When I found Fred on the side of the road, he was skittish, neurotic, and sweet as could be. One month later he’s still all those things, but now he’s fat too. Love him more every day.”


© imitationofmyself / Reddit

Look at the happy faces in the after pictures! They could not be more grateful to be in such a loving home and their owners could not be luckier to have such adorable babies who would love them forever. Rescue an animal today and see how it changes your life for the better. We still are not done yet. Scroll down below for more animal transformations:

6. “More of Cosmo!! The first photo is him at the shelter at 7 weeks, the second is from today!”


© beebothebean / Reddit

7. “Found this little lady crying in a parking lot with fleas and a badly broken leg. Here she is, 3 months and 2 surgeries later.”


© skele_jeans / Reddit

8. “Meet Cooper the Trooper! He was given a 20% chance to survive. Today the big boy is celebrating his first birthday!”


© cowgirl951 / Reddit

9. “Happy second Gotcha Day to my Portuguese princess! Originally an abused street dog, she’s now a loveable biscuit-obsessed monster.”


© Queen-Beeya / Reddit

10. “In the shelter vs rescued and happy — meet Arthur!”


© emilieeeee / Reddit

11. From puppy to a full-grown super pupper.

© pinkpigletpuppy / Instagram© pinkpigletpuppy / Instagram

12. “I adopted my sweet girl from a kill shelter in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s living her best life in Halifax, Nova Scotia!”


© Preposterouspickles / Reddit

13. “From hours away from being put down, too scared to come out of her crate to eat, to today. Happy Gotcha Day, Wags!”

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© orangedog17 / Reddit

14. “Wilbur was found with missing hair, allergy inflammations, and was very underweight. 2 years later, my boy is happy, healthy, and the love of my life!”


© aquamarinegreen / Reddit

15. “These are Frank’s before and after adoption pics.”


Have you ever rescued an animal? What did they look like before and after you rescued them? Share your stories in the comments below.


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