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23 Loving Pets Who Would Give Their Owners The World If They Could

Sometimes it takes only one look and glance from a pooch or a few seconds with a kitty to realize that animals are capable of bonding with people. Our typical companions demand a lot of attention and plainly enjoy spending time with us. Well, each creature in this planet needs a lot of attention, affection, and devotion.


Over the past few years we have developed relationships with various species of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and farm animals. Anyone who has ever owned a pet understands that they are capable of unconditional love, which is normally only seen between a person and its kids.

To brighten your day, we’ve selected the best 20 heartwarming photographs of these four-legged babies who are madly in love with their owners.

1. The personal space that was once in her life has ended after adopting this cutie.

Via  caromack213 / Reddit

“Was told by the shelter that he’d probably take a few weeks to get used to me. This happened within a few hours of him being home.”

2. This woman is definitely living her dream life.

Via skipnina / Reddit

“Browsing Reddit with a friend is always more fun.”

3. That is the most adorable kitty smile I’ve ever seen.

Via  BulbasaurButAnOnion / Reddit

“My boyfriend and I just picked up our little rescue kitten, and I can’t tell who’s happier!”

4. His eyes show how much he absolutely loves cuddles.

Via YungTabernacle / Reddit

“I’ve taken hundreds of photos of Cabbage, but this has got to be the best one.”

5. When you get a dog as a pet but turns out that you’re the the real pet.

Via ecleilanin / Reddit

“I pet you now, hooman.”

6. Free massages and hugs all the time, where do I sign up for this?

Via skipnina / Reddit

“Milly and me — there are times I honestly forget she’s there.”

7. This is super wholesome. I hope this doggo gets an honorary degree.

Via DevinsDis / Reddit

“My best friend went to every class with me and helped me graduate.”

8. This smile exhibits that he definitely won the game.

Via  Skit-Flicks / Reddit

“Here is a picture of me and my bearded dragon, Bowser, playing my PS4.”

9. Nala looks absolutely endearing in that sweater.

Via Shock_Hazzard / Reddit

“Nala always wants to be close to me.”

10. This is literally life goals.

Via  EBhobo / Reddit

“My dad lives alone in the Australian bush and cares for a family of wild kangaroos. He just sent me this photo.”

11. Who could say no to snuggles with this beautiful feline.

Via btway / Reddit

“Every night, she meows at us until we hold her like this.”

12. That is one kind hearted doggo.

Via actualnuisance / Reddit

“My puppy brings me toys when I’m pooping so I don’t get bored.”

If you own a pet, you receive endless smooches, kisses, hugs, and cuddles from your little tiny pup whether you ask for them or not. That’s how a pet owner’s life goes on. Cats, dogs, and reptiles all have so much love to give to their owners that they make our world a bit smoother

13. Free cuddles and snuggles everywhere!

Via mmurdock91 / Reddit

“I was alone when I fell asleep, but I guess they wanted to join in on the fun.”

14. Stray cats always make the best pets.

Via orange-blossom / Reddit

“We started leaving food out for a stray cat at work. Now she won’t leave us alone.”

15. Awww!! My eyes just teared up looking at this cutie pie waiting for his family.

Via Kasan46 / Reddit

“This is how my dog waits for my family to get home.”

16. It’s never too late to change your mind. Cats are marvelous creatures.

Via  ArghDammit / Reddit

“At 62 years old, I decided to get over my ’I don’t like cats’ phase. Here is the result so far…”

17. This cat acting like a lifeguard is the most hilarious yet cute thing on the internet.

Via Plusser / Reddit

“He’s making sure I don’t drown on my pee break.”

18. Having a cuddle buddy is the best thing in the world.

Via AlwaysUpvotesScience / Reddit

19. Two sweet souls. This bond is so precious.

Via Zihark53 / Reddit

“My grandpa lives alone, and this cat brings him so much joy with moments like this.”

20. Meow! Feed me hooman. Feed me now!!

Via AsianKhaleesi / Reddit

“What my family sees vs what I see first thing when I wake up every day”

21. This doggo acting as a guard is inestimable.

Via mecatninja / Reddit

“My dog takes care of my dad when he’s alone.”

22. This cat deserves a raise.

Via  msmoonpie / Reddit

“I was having a bad day at work so the cat decided to comfort me.”

23. This pup has better table manners than most people. And it is super adorable.

Via macthesnackattack / Reddit

“My boy and I had the best Thanksgiving dinner.”

Do you own a pet? If yes, what’s the most adorable moment you have captured of your furry baby? Do share the picture with us in the comments section below.


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