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30 Before And After Adoption Pics That Shows How Love And Care Changes Cats

Too many animals are there on the street, neglected of being taken care of. Some of them are even in the hands of cruel humans who do not give them the love and care they truly deserve. We see scared stray cats and dogs all across the streets and towns because humans, by beating and wronging them, made them lose their trust in humans.
However, not every person is the same. There are some generous and kind-hearted humans who foster stray animals at their home, giving them a new life full of love and attention. They certainly know that it takes time for such animals to heal and be friendly. For this purpose, we have collected photos of 30 cats pictures to see how they changed before and after adoption. It reflects happy endings of the cats and will make your day shine bright.



Hazel was caught in a steel strap for about five days when the owner rescued her. Poor thing lost her leg in the process. Her beautiful white fur and bright hazel eyes in the next picture explains she’s been taken good care of.

Hazel Was A Stray Who Was Rescued After Being Caught In A Steel Trap For An Estimated 5 Days. She Lost Her Leg But Found Her Home With Me! This Is 8 Weeks After Coming Home



Poor white abandoned cat was rescued by the owner in a really bad condition but now he’s almost living the life of a prince, check out his pose.

10 Months Ago I Found This Little Guy Abandoned And Starving, Now He's A Pampered Little Prince




This guys fur was dirty and brown, covered in ants when he showed up at the porch. Owners named him Mutt and took him in. Now he’s grown into a beautiful white little lion-king.

This Guy Showed Up On Our Porch One Day




Parker was a sick, barely one month old kitten when found out on the road. Three years later, now he has grown beautiful into a tall cat.

Parker, The Sickly Stray 5 Week Old Kitten I Found In A Parking Lot At Work Three Years Ago



Nobody was ready to accept this 10 year old cat as he was brutalized and scared. After a year, he has healed into a active and beautiful catto.a

This Poor 10 Y/O Little Man Took A Year To Go From Brutalized To Healthy And Active




This cat’s major transformation tells us everything. From scratches and bruises all over her body to mental trauma, she has recovered from everything.

My Rescue’s Transformation



This white catto was found severely dehydrated in super hot summers when the owner found him. Giving him water to stay a little, turned out he had to stay forever.

Found Him Dehydrated In The High Summer Heat. Didn't Plan On Keeping Him Initially But A Few Years Later And I Can Never Leave Him!




Scrawny stray kitty gets all the love and turns into a beautiful cat years later. How beautiful.

From Scrawny Stray, To Lovely House Kitty




Someone brutal dumped this poor pair of kittens who had no fur. After a time of care and love, they are happy and healthy.

The Day I Found Them Abandoned In A Cardboard Box, 1 Month, 2 Months And Likely Half Their Body Weight Of Worms Later




No one can beat Tom’s transformation into a handsome grown-up pal, 1.5 years later. Well-done foster family!

My Baby Boy, Tom. The Day I Found Him And Now, 18 Months Later. He's Grown Into A Very Handsome Boy!




Cicero on the day he was rescued had anemia, snot and dehydration. Can’t recognize him as this healthy in the next picture. Just wow!

Cicero Came To Us Dehydrated, Anemic, And Encrusted With Snot. Now He's A Glorious Fluffy Boy!



Kitty was found in a box with infected eyes on the road. Today, she lives happily in her house and enjoys the company of his doggo friend.

I Found This Kitten Last Summer In A Sealed Box Near The Road We Rode




This kitten was almost blinded by the time she was rescued. However, she fought and now can see and play and do everything. Unbelievable.

This Tiny Girl Was Found Abandoned (We Think Dumped), Injured, And Couldn't See



Luma had eye infection and was as small as to fit in the palm of one’s hand. Now she has turned bigger and healthier. Kuddos to the rescuer.

To Think That Luna Used To Fit In The Palm Of My Hand




 With an infected neck, Sushi was rescued by the owner and was in a terribly emotional state. Turns out, she is now a cuddly partner.

I Trapped Sushi When He Was 17 Weeks Old With An Infected Neck Wound. 8 Months Later, Love And Patience Have Turned My Former Feral Into A Cuddle-Loving Cat



This cutest cat has gone through the most beautiful transformation, see what love and care can do to them.

How It Started vs. How It's Going




This cutest cat has gone through the most beautiful transformation, see what love and care can do to them.

Olly: 1 Month Update


Isn’t it beautiful how humans take care of stray animals such as these cats like their own babies? This makes us believe that kindness and generosity is the greatest of human virtues. It is so beautiful to acknowledge that these poor kitties now have a beautiful home to live in, just like many regular pets. This almost makes us all want to adopt a stray kitten and give her all the love she deserves. Scroll past this to meet some more stray friends who now live amazingly lives coupled with love and affection.


After the owner’s cat died, he decided to put this baby up but later got to know he had ringworm infestation. After months of healing him, this guy looks healthy and happy.

After My Cat Died I Decided To Pick Up This Small Guy Who Looked Healthy When We Got Him, But We Soon Learned He Had A Horrible Ringworm Infestation. I Spent The Next 4 Months Healing This Little Guy



Taako was found asking for help outside a Library parking lot. Luckily he was rescued and now enjoys complete fostering, love and attention. So happy for Taako.

Stray That Started Coming By Our Library Staff Parking Lot Got Taken To The Shelter, Now He's Properly Adopted And Enjoys Belly Rubs, Anyway Here's My New Son, Taako



Titan has turned into a spoilt kid after receiving so much love. Can’t believe this is the same guy in the left picture.

Titan, Adopted Through Our Rescue Good Karma. He’s Spoilt!




Sunshine looks totally like her name, a beautiful kitten. Rescued a week before, she looks healthier and happier, and I bet, she’s playful.

A Week After We Rescued This Little Girl. We Have Named Her Shamsie (Sounds Like Tummy)- Arabic For Sunshine


A street-hardened cat can also be a beautiful pet to have, you just have to give them love and care which they deserve.

What Love And Tons Of Churu Can Do To A Street-Hardened Cat



Pandemic year 2020 made people rescue many animals and Bean Dip is one of them, she was found a construction site. Now looks much healthier.

Bean Dip. Found By My Girlfriend Under A Pile Of Trash In A Construction Site


Before and after transformation pictures; her fluffy belly is irresistible to not touch. What a beautiful feline fellow!

Befor And After



Peanut was found caught in a rat trap, poor thing was immediately rescued. Next picture shows how she has been taken care of, became a mom.


Adopted back in November 2019, Oreo now enjoys a luxurious and healthy lifestyle with lots of love; hugs and cuddles. Love can do wonders, this tell us.

Oreo Almost 2 Years Ago vs. Today (Adopted Nov 2019)




Ophelia was rescued by the owner’s dumpster when she was four weeks old. Now she enjoys company with her other friend and a beautiful home to live in.

My Dumpster Rescue Ophelia At 4 Weeks Old And 4 Months Old With Her New Best Friend



28. One week after bringing this little cutie home.

Our Maine Coon Kitten Hemingway’s Shelter Picture Compared To One Week After Bringing Him Home

29. See this cute boy after getting love and care. Owner adopted him after he appeared  outside their house.




A kind man rescued her from a crowdy wet market in Manila, she was only 5 weeks old. Look how she glows now.

Just Two Weeks Ago, I Adopted This Tiny 5-Week Old Who Was Rescued From A Busy Wet Market In Manila. She's Now The Cuddliest In The Family


So, how did you like these amazing transformations of our feline friends. Some of them were almost unacceptable, like how can they change so much. Overall, we hope that it was a beautiful experience for you to go by these stories. The reason why we shared them to you was to learn the importance of love and care. We should always be amongst the ones who adopt strays and not amongst those who dump them. Leave us feedback and tell us in comments if you ever have rescued any such babies.


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