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19 Animals That Got Way Bigger Than We Could’ve Imagined

Dogs can grow really big. Probably the size of a horse.

Have you ever seen a big dog? A dog that is as big as the size of a horse? A rabbit who is as big as the size of a Husky? Or a rat who is as big as the size of a cat? If you have never seen big animals before. Today, we will show you some of the animals that are way bigger than we could have imagined. We have created a compilation of 19 beautiful animals are abnormally big. We are sure they will leave you surprised. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. When you accidentally meet a huge doggo on the bus:

© shaigolan810 / Reddit

2. “This is me and my 8-month-old Flemish Giant baby rabbit named Cinderella ♥️. She’s still growing.”


© Brokoliauflauf / Reddit

Keep growing Cinderella.

3. You might think it is a bear but you are wrong.


© tanzaniteflame / Reddit

It’s a Newfoundland pup.

4. Meet this Newfoundland pup. He thinks he is a lapdog.


© Prostoilogin / Pikabu

5. “Met a hefty 225 pound malamute yesterday! Giant is an understatement.”


© jacksonpanda / reddit

Giant is not the right word for this doggo.

6. After eating two meals of McDonalds:


© materials_pl0x / reddit

7. This rat has been eating so much.


© viridusleo / reddit

8. He is so giant. It’s hard for his owner to hold him.


© JDM90 / reddit

9. A golden retriever who needs to hit the gym:


© puffmonkey / reddit

10. “It’s a Tibetan Mastiff puppy. He’s only 6 months old.”


© AEphiev / pikabu

He is taller than his owner. No matter how big or tall do they grow, they are always owners’ babies. Some of these animals keep growing and we wonder how big will they get. Some of these animals are abnormally too big. It’s hard to believe they are real but they are still so cute and winning hearts despite their size. Although it’s hard to handle such a big animal, but don’t worry. They will not give you a hard time. Scroll down for more!

11. Fluffiest Saint Bernard puppy.

© VittoriaSYrova / pikabu

12. He loves to eat. This is why he is in the kitchen.


© coolsid19 /reddit

That look tells us “mom, where is my breakfast?”

13. “This battle tested beast of a ram”

© KhoaSV / reddit

14. “This cat doesn’t need to jump up on the table, she can eat all the food just like that.”


© KatyaValeeva / pikabu

You don’t need a table when you are this tall.

15. “This turtle is an ancient, Absolute Unit.”

© purplprism / reddit

16. Too big to be caught.


© Thundarr15 / reddit

17. “This Flemish Giant rabbit is as big as an adult Husky dog.”


Who needs a Husky when you have a giant rabbit?

18. What a lovely Maine Coon!


© RedOrangeYellowGreen / reddit

19. When you are a gym freak:

© freerepublic

Have you ever owned a big-sized animal? If yes, share their photos with us. Comment down to let us know which of these animals surprised you the most.


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