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25 Genius People Who Covered Their Birthmarks & Scars With Amazing Tattoos

Every scar has a story to tell. They can be either a source of strength or an appalling reminder of a past incident. Sometimes, we look at a scar and think about how we survived something. How brave we were and have become with every passing day. We feel pride in having that scar and feel the need to wear it as a reward. Those are the scars we have embraced and feel no need to hide them. On the other hand, we have gone through a bad experience and survived an adverse situation that resulted in a scar. Every time we look at it, we feel disgusted. It reminds us of an experience we would rather forget. That memory haunts us, consumes our mind and traumatizes us. Those scars are worth getting rid of.


Some scars don’t have much of a memory associated with them. They just happen to exist. They have been on us since forever. These scars are birthmarks. Sometimes, these scars are just hideous. They can scare people away, especially children. But, people are very creative. They have found clever ways to cover them up. Here are 25 photos that show innovative ways people have concealed their scars and birthmarks. Scroll down and check it out.

This one shows an Alien attack.

Credits: charlotteglatt_tattoos

A beautiful flower garden


Flowers symbolize happiness and hospitality. They are also taken as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. People who are obsessed with flowers are known as anthophiles. It’s funny how we have a term for this. Flowers are beautiful and help uplift your mood instantly. Just being around flowers have such a great impact on us. They relieve tension, reduce stress and anxiety. Having them as a tattoo can reveal a lot about your personality. It depends on the type of flower and it’s color.

Credits: darbytattoo

Remains of a fish.


Credits: Holdenl2121

Looks so real!


Credits: Eric Catalano

This tattoo is inspirational and very creative.

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.”


Credits: MyUsernameIsNotCool

Mini Darth Vader! This one’s a Star Wars fan.


Credits: flavia.daedratattoo

This is called being creative.


credits: brechagram

Whoa! This scar looks like it came from a cat. This is a great way of concealing it.


Credits: meninked

This one’s obsessed with Pokemon I guess.


Credits: j9illustration

This one’s the scariest!


Credits: hectorfong

Simple yet meaningful.

Magnificent! This is definitely a masterpiece.

Credits: yasinaliciart

This one looks like a beautiful oil painting.


Credits: aisana_ykt

That’s a 3D tattoo.

Advertisement by UDM

Credits: tattoomachinenapoles

Chello tattoo covering up a 30 years old scar.


Credits: theanswerplus

Shark tattoo for a scar cover up. You were much stronger than what tried to hurt you.

Credits: evanmakesart

The spilled wine.


Credits: alex_anvil

A joyous surprise came from this scar for sure.


This one’s gorgeous!


Credits: mini_tattooer


Credits: peyotlbodymod

Jellyfish disguising a scar.


Credits: mini_tattooer

This one’s so gorgeously feminine.

Smile through the pain.


Credits: freepsports

This one is ingenious!

Credits: jattoos

Hard work pays off.

Credits: SloDilf1493

It was meant to be a carrot.

Credits: anna_furdui

Amazing cover-ups right!? Which one did you like the best, let us know in the comments below. Also, share stories of your scars to empower others. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family for new tattoo inspirations.


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