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20 Living Proves Of The Fact That The Nature Has Embedded A Lot Of Secrets Around Us

There are easy-to-explore secrets all around us.

With a bit of luck and a nudge by nature, you could be the one having the honor to be presented with that secret and reveal it to the world. Nature is still a mystery and a huge one. There is quite data we have extracted, converted into information, and embedded in great knowledge. But there is still so much more to explore and nature doesn’t like stopping either, it keeps providing and providing. And no, it is not hard to find these secrets as well because they come to you. It’s not like you have to pack your stuff up and get a visa for Egypt because there is a secret Ushabti in the mouth of the mommy of Alexander the Great. Sorry to anyone who hasn’t watched “Moonknight” yet. It’s not that kind of secret. These secrets are associated with our day-to-life and you get a sensation of surprise as they are revealed to you by the nature.


The secrets we are going to share with you guys have been shared on the internet by people from all around the world. They are bound to make you guys think about what more nature has to give us and then a certain part of you will turn into Sherlock Holmes. You are bound to love the ones we have compiled today.

Scroll down below for an amazing sensation of surprise and wow. And a pinch of cuteness because some of them kind of make you go “awe” as well.

1. Ever seen a cat with 13 little fingers? Well, today is your lucky day.

Via wish_I_was_a_t_rex / Reddit

2. After opening a nicely hard-boiled egg, this person found another tiny hard-boiled egg within.


Via galafem / Reddit

3. It hailstorms and the size of the hails was as big as a golf ball. I hope everyone had taken cover.


Via Sr71miller / Reddit

4. On the left are two normal-sized bananas. On the right, is a banana that looks like it’s from another planet.


Via the_local_hobo / Redd

5. There’s a tree growing through and outside this department.


Via nerdyoats / Reddit

6. Person spotted a very unique cloud while on a run. It looks like a spaceship that is about to land.


Via JVillan / Reddit

7. Month that looks like it has ancient printing all over it and also has a skull on each wing.


I don’t think I would’ve mustered up the energy to take a close-up shot of this creepy moth.

Via tgpmgs / Reddit

8. One thumb larger than the other. I think this person sucked on one of them while going to sleep, as a child.


Via farmerlife28 / Reddit

9. A sweet potato in the shape of a bird. Or maybe it was trapped inside this vegetable centuries ago by the gods of air, for committing treason.


Via -HerRoyalDabness- / Reddit

10. Are You guys familiar with that thin space between a window and the shutter? Bees managed to make hives in that space and this person is terrified.


Via Flaneur_7508 / Reddit

Today’s privileged generation always has cameras at the ready in their pockets. And they capture such amazing moments on their phone and the memories stay secured and protected forever, for anyone to go back to it through the drive and cherish it. I think many of you guys who are in their mid-20s and above would agree, we have been also revealed many surprises by the nature but we didn’t have devices to capture those moments. You discover something, you go crazy about it for a couple of days, and then it is gone. No, I am not going after the young ones, I am happy we have such devices to capture these moments. Back in the day, no one believed me that I saw 5 cherries as one big piece. But today, thanks to the cameras, the whole world can enjoy the secrets you just found out.

Let’s enjoy some more wowing secrets. Scroll down below to continue!

11. The tinniest frog found on this person’s elderberry tree. It is literally just the face, you can barely make up the body and the legs.

Via trueblue862 / Reddit

12. Looks like two strawberries got married and had a child.


Via Kel_Varnsen89 / Reddit

13. These are seedpods but my brain is still convinced they are skulls hanging on branches.

Advertisement by UDM

Via abandonedbyserotonin / Reddit

14. Person scrapped out some butter to put on toast and came out in the shape of a parrot.


Via blamethecranes / Reddit

15. There is an open seam of coal, who knows how deep, on the cliff at this beach.

Via tim—mit / Reddit

16. So this is where the soul of boxer Muhammad Ali went.


Via Leopard_Luver / Reddit

17. What a beautiful-looking owl…Sike, it’s a mushroom.

Via miss421 / Reddit

18. A newborn pigeon. Looks so different compared to when they are fully grown up.


Via johnyvernn / Reddit

19. This is a bumblebee bat. It is credited for being the smallest mammal in the world.


20. Thanks to the glass, the weather, the reflections, my brain has melted into pieces after looking at this building. It looks like half of it is missing.


Via silvercoated1 / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

What secrets has nature revealed before you?


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