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16 Times Labrador Retrievers Hilariously Proved They’re The Cutest Dogs Ever

Dogs are immensely adorable.

I mean we can all agree on that right? But you know what is even more adorable? When a golden retriever is trying to be cute. Don’t believe me? Don’t worry you will after taking a look at the following pictures. I am sure you are already aware that Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the most common dogs kept as pets worldwide. And there is certainly a reason for that little fact.


They might be one of the most loyal and loving breeds. Now, I am not trying to sh*t on other dog breeds because all of them deserve equal love. However, dog lovers recommend getting a retriever or a lab as your first dog as they are the ‘easiest’ to take care of. While they are very high-energy, nobody ever said exercise is bad for you so that’s a huge plus.

There are only tiny differences between labrador and retrievers and they are both commonly adopted by people who need help with their anxiety. They make great comfort dogs and excel at being guide-doggos as well.

So that is why we have compiled a list of the following doggos being the cutest a dog can be. Scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Anyone in their place would be awe-struck as well.

Via Pi Mei Nan Jiu

They wanna retrieve those kittens! -MagicalUnicorn

#2 The cat just wanted to see out of the window.


I would love to have a print of this pic to hang on my wall. -KCN

#3 ‘I will help you out of the snow in no time!’

Via dannyhelf

This is what heaven looks like. -boredhuman

#4 Me when I am on a diet.

Via legitbean

This dog and me are probably brothers at some level, coz his and mine relationship with food seems to be same.

Always looking out for more, no matter what other things are going around. -Ladies and Gentlemen

#5 The dog is clearly not happy about this decision.

Via RandyIAmTheLiquor

This briefcase contains important lab results.

#6 I am guessing it is quite hot out.

Via dickfromaccounting

A labrador labradoing what a labradog labrado.

#7 More is more when it comes to peanut butter.

Via tfro9

His tongue is SO stuck to the roof of his mouth!! -Anita Trenner

#8 ‘Just here to say hello!’

Via realgoldensofoc

This one did it! I’m going to get a puppy this afternoon! -Julie Lynn

#9 It seems dogs are learning how to be liquid as well.

Via jberk5071

My mom has a theory…big dogs think they’re little, and little dogs think they’re big. -Wamma Lamma

#10 Now, I want a puppy as well.

Via Departments

It really looks like they are posing for the photo! -Linda Something

#11 He is just happy to see you after 9 months.

Via eurojax

You could put a dark filter in this, put on some red eyes, and BAM you got a horror movie. -Bob 2.0

#12 When you come out after a long lockdown.

Via aaronr93

This is Ralph. It’s his first time out in public. 11/10 good boy.

#13 This doggo has such a giving spirit.

Via Endur

My girlfriend’s Golden HAS to bring a gift to anyone who comes to the door.

If she can’t find a toy, she’ll grab her whole bed and drag it across the house or pick up the shoe you just took off and give it back to you.

#14 ‘Do you need some help with work Hooman?’

Via lvl99slayer

We have an office dog and he visited me today.

#15 ‘I’ll walk my kid myself!’

Via OctopussSevenTwo

The law says “All dogs must be on a leash”. It doesn’t say which end it has to be. -Jim Price

#16 The puppies choose you not the other way around.

Via anthonydbaldwin

Oh such an impossible mission. I can picture myself saying “ohh well all of them then.” -Magpie

Did these adorable images make you smile? Or do you still want more dog content? If so take a look at this! If you are more of a cat person, don’t worry we have something for everyone!

Don’t forget to comment down below and let us know if these images made you wanna go cuddle with your doggo.


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