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Boomer Employer Blames Gen Z For Their Hiring Issues, Gets Blasted On Internet

Commenters on one of Reddit’s fastest-growing subreddits congregated to discuss viral photograph that one of the members had shared.
Redditor u/mysterioussoup published the image in thread titled “Proud of Gen Z,” which led to this thread on r/antiwork. The graphic shows two A4 sheets of paper with message criticizing the store’s Gen workers:


I apologize for us closing AGAIN.

My 2 new cashiers quit because I said their boyfriends couldn’t stand here for their entire shift.

Don’t Hire Gen Z’s

They don’t know what work actually means.


*Baby-boomers only. Thanks!

The position is probably not something that the elderly baby boomers would be remotely interested in, according to commenters.

“Now hiring baby boomers… for the salary, I paid new-to-the-workforce teens” is sure to bring in massive crowds.” said grobmob. User Ya-Dikobraz replied “Most boomers are retired now. Some of those retired would actually do something like a cashier job. I also feel like they really meant Gen-X, not Boomers. But Gen-X is like the forgotten generation.”

“FFS. I’m a boomer, and the last place I’d work is somewhere with only boomers.” said another user. Overall, it appears that the supposed inventor of the sign is completely incorrect and that the sign is likely symptom of toxic employer.

1. I wonder why the boyfriends decided to stand the entire time, Gen Z has some real energy

Handwriting - Posted by u/mysterioussoup Proud of Gen Z 1/20 I apologize for us Closing AGAIN. My 2 new cashiers Quit because I Said their boyfründs Couldn't stand here For their entire Shift Don't hire Gen Zs They dont Know what work actually means NOW Hiring! * Baby Boomers Thank

2. Umm, is Gen X really the forgotten generation?

Font - grobmob · 14 days ago "Now hiring baby boomers... for the salary I paid new-to-the-workforce teens" is sure to bring in massive crowds 2.1k Reply Share Ya-Dikobraz · 14 days ago Most boomers are retired now. Some of those retired would actually do something like a cashier job. I also feel like they really meant Gen-X, not Boomers. But Gen-X is like the forgotten generation. 548 Reply Share

3. Well, this is really not the era of boomers to be enrolled into new workforces 

Product - Huge-Ad-2275 · 14 days ago I wonder if they're aware that boomers are at the age where they're leaving the workforce, not joining it? 16.5k Reply Share 01temetnosce · 14 days ago I wonder if they would keep justifying low salaries with the "its a starter job" answer if boomers applied. 6.5k Reply Share

4. Obviously, the cost of their drugs and medicine will not be covered by the said pay; they would not continue 

Font - dsdvbguutres · 14 days ago Yes boomers, show us how it's done. Let's see your work ethic for 12/hr * (up to) 2.2k Reply Share swunt7 · 14 days ago Imao the baby boomers will complain their pay doesnt cover their drug prescriptions at their old age. 607 Q Reply Share

5. I still can’t stop laughing at the second comment  Font - UpperLeftOriginal · 14 days ago FFS. I'm a boomer, and the last place I'd work is somewhere with only boomers. 7.9k Reply Share •.. DataCassette · 14 days ago The entire place shuts down because literally nobody can open the PDF. 3.2k Reply Share •.. -Badger2- · 14 days ago Dismantle an entire generation by throwing away your grandparents' sticky note with all their account usernames and passwords. 1.2k Reply Share •..

6. Aren’t all millennials deadbeats? Important question to ponder upon 

Font - Harrison_w1fe · 14 days ago Anarcho-Communist Do they think a baby boomer is gonna be a f :king counter person?? Rofl 9.2k Reply Share •.. RILICHU · 14 days ago I thought working in the service industry was for high schoolers and dead beat millennials /s 3.9k Reply Share •.. rachstee · 14 days ago Aren't all millennials deadbeats? /s 1.4k Reply Share •..
What are your thoughts on this story? I think that this job seems to not make any sense as baby boomers will not join him for a cashier job. As one commenter wrote, “the entire place will shut down when nobody knows how to open a pdf,” it seemed about right and it was hilarious at the same time. Did you ever hear any such story? What do you think about the attitude of Gen Z? If you have any stories, don’t forget to share them with us. Share this article with your family and friends. Stay tuned for more entertaining stories.

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