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Boyfriend Tries Controlling Girlfriend’s Shower Temperature, Thinks He Is The Victim

Shower steam is a common occurrence. This guy either takes lukewarm showers or believes that a steaming shower means the water is physically boiling your flesh to smithereens. If that’s the case, all he needs is a science lesson. Also, he’s concerned about his bathroom’s capacity to manage steam, which seems like a pretty common thing for a bathroom to be able to accomplish, right? Is he using crepe paper for his shower curtain? But the actual oddity here is this guy’s obsession with monitoring his soon-to-be ex-showering girlfriend’s habits.


Not only does he insist on showering in a certain way, but he also insists on showering in a certain way, He also thought that removing the lock would allow him to more readily invade her privacy to ensure that she is showering in the manner that he considers appropriate. Now let’s hear the AITA Reddit story in OP’s words and hear from the commenters whether he is TA or not. Don’t forget to scroll to the end.

1. The girl friend came to stay at OP’s place for work reasons, he noticed that she took terribly hot showers

Font - Y r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/fritofiend 22 hours ago AITA for Not Allowing my GF to have Dangerously Hot Showers? Asshole I have been dating my gf for 8 months. Things have been going so well that when she started a project based in my part of the city, she decided to stay at my place temporarily rather than do the daily commute. I noticed that when she showers, she has the water so hot that steam billows from the bathroom when she opens the door. It leaves everything in the bathroom w

2. OP kept telling her that using the hot temperature and leaving the bathroom wet is not okay, asked to use the dehumidifier but it broke and the bathroom turned into a sauna

Font - I have been telling her to use the dehumidifier in the bathroom as she showers. She told me that she showers with the window open and turns it on afterwards because the air was too humid for the dehumidifier. I put my foot down and told her it wasn't optional, and she ended up breaking the dehumidifier with the steam. I told her that enough was enough, and that if there's no dehumidifier then she would have to shower at a normal temperature like everyone else does. When she comes out of t
Font - Well, last week I had enough of it. I took the lock off the bathroom door. (The toilet is in a separate room so there is still complete privacy when using the toilet btw.) Now she can't steam out my entire bathroom without me knowing. I knock before entering and make sure it's not too steamy in the bathroom and that the temperature of the water is normal. She hasn't said anything about it, but since I did that, her mood has been low with me. She's started spending weekends at her place an
Now let the Reddit commenters community decide if the boyfriend is the a-hole or NTA. These are going to be some hilarious an savage comments, I am sure you do not want to miss out on any, so keep reading.

4. Well, this one really put it right in the face

Font - Acrobatic-Ad6350 · 22 hr. ago 3 & 3 More "I'm a controlling asshole, forced my gf to break my dehumidifier (after she warned me it would break it) and then blamed her for the damage anyway, took the locks off the door and am treating her like a toddler that can't make her own decisions. Now I'm surprise pikachu because she's slowly moving out and doesn't want to put up with my controlling behavior anymore. AITA?" In case you couldn't gather it by this point... yea. YTA.

5. Creepy and controlling. That’s what commenters are highlighting OP’s behavior 

Font - bandit021 · 21 hr. ago Partassipant [1] YTA. For so many reasons. 1. She is an adult woman. She can have the shower as hot as she wants to. 2. She EXPLICITLY TOLD YOU the steam would break the humidifier. But you put your foot down and what a surprise, it's ft king broken. After she told you it would be. 3. You removed the lock to bust in on her in the f king shower to control her water temperature. I don't get how you're not seeing how creepy and controlling that is. I hope she breaks up

6. That’s the part where it all went wrong 

Human body - piggybankheart · 22 hr. ago "She told me it was too humid for the dehumidifier. I told her I didn't care and to put it on anyway. She did exactly that and somehow it's her fault my dehumidifier is broken."

7. This would hurt him a little too much much

Font - Glittercorn111 - 22 hr. ago Certified Proctologist [24] LOL, enjoy being single with a dry shower. YTA, a strange, controlling asshole.

8. To the point and quite understandable

Rectangle - Scrabblement · 22 hr. ago Partassipant [3] YTA. It's a bathroom. You're allowed to take hot, steamy showers in a bathroom. It's normal. Trying to control your girlfriend's shower temperature isn't.

9. This really has got to be a joke

Rectangle - Some_Anteater_5077 · 22 hr. ago This has GOT TO BE A JOKE. Yta. Hot showers unclog your nose when you have allergies. We know how hot it can be without it hurting. Hot showers HELP with body aches. YTA

10. Taking out the lock of the bathroom really seemed to be an act of a controlling parent 

Font - grumpyspudgal · 22 hr. ago Asshole Aficionado [14] YTA. If you're concerned about your girlfriend's shower habits damaging the bathroom, you could've brought it up like an adult. Instead you chose to act like a controlling parent, and now it doesn't look like you'll have a girlfriend for much longer.

11. Now he has to remain single with his broken bathroom

Font - mzpljc · 22 hr. ago Asshole Aficionado [16] YTA, and she is clearly breaking up with you.

12. So much of the story makes sense now, what do you think?

Font - QuackLikeMe · 22 hr. ago Colo-rectal Surgeon [46] YTA Usually I say "your place, your rules." But you're literally trying to dictate how she is allowed to shower to the point that you took the lock off the bathroom door! She's doing the right thing by not staying at your place so much anymore, and moving her things back to her own place.

13. The last commenter also joined in and said, YTA. Does not seem to be a surprise.

Font - Aggressive_Mood214 · 22 hr. ago Asshole Aficionado [16] Tell me this is a joke.... YTA, hopefully your (former) gf gets her shit out of your house quickly and peacefully and gets to take as many long, hot showers as she pleases in the future.
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This was an interesting story. What do you guys think? Do you also think that the boyfriend’s behavior is controlling and creepy? Well, he seemed to care about his bathroom much more than his girlfriend’s privacy and life choices. Is OP AH or NTA? Have you ever been in any such a situation, if you were, what did you choose to do? Do not forget to share it with your family and friends  If you want more entertaining content, coming your way, stay tuned with us. For your worthy feedback, comment down below.


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