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Bunch Of Entitled Parents Who Tried Getting Free Childcare But Got Roasted Instead

Having a feeling of entitlement has become more common in today’s society. There are plenty of people in the world who believe that they deserve more than others, or that the world revolves around them.

Such kind of people wants to gain full advantage from their environment or society. They want to have things free. But, little did they know that getting things or services free in today’s era is quite surprising and uncommon. You will wonder how lucky the person is who gets things FREE OF COST!

However, the likelihood of receiving free things is extremely low, or almost equivalent to zero. Because no one would enjoy working for free for someone else. Occasionally, people are willing to accept items at no cost may be because of their greediness, or they are unwilling to spend a single cent out of their own money. These are the few habits or behaviors that we pick up from our parents. However, you would be surprised to learn that there are some parents who are willing to receive free items for their children as well. Be it free meals, free entertainment, or even free daycare.

Just like these Reddit posts that we have compiled, these are some perfect examples of what Bad Parenting is. These parents want to hire someone who would take care of their kids – also do house chores, free of cost or at the lowest wages.

Check out what people have posted!

1. So, here’s the ad for childcare providers willing to work for $150 per week.

Via  u/Crit-ter

That’s crazy! like who would be willing to work for such low wages and that for a full-time job. Nah bro, best of luck!

This person is also looking for childcare for their two-month-old baby along with their pets for this low wage. Isn’t this some sort of bad parenting where one couldn’t take care of their two-month-old baby while working? These innocent babies sleep all the time and do not cause any disruptions while working. Simply let them at your side while you work.

2. That’s not a full-time job, but it’s overtime and exhausting job with so low compensation!

Via u/KateEatsWorld

3. This ad is for housekeepers and nannies!

Via  u/krn0309

4. Babysitter for a child who needs special care!

Via imgur

It’s lovely to be unique. Especially children who are special. They deserve to be loved and cared for. Babysitters or nannies who care for these particular children are aware that it requires a little more effort and energy to care for them. Similarly, the parents should realize that it is not a simple duty and should pay them a good and decent wage.

5. Someone is looking for a babysitter who would work FREE OF COST!


6. People sometimes post a list of job descriptions for babysitting and pay peanuts for the never-ending job duties!

Via u/hiimem

7. Why can’t parents pay some amount to babysitters, it’s a complete job, not volunteer work!

Via u/Whoatemycookiee

“Watch my children for free”

8. A stranger to look after your kid for free!

Via u/pancreasss

9. Why do these parents really want to hire someone who is ok with this payment arrangement?

Via  u/GlitchOfTheHill

10. Such kind of parents don’t understand how employment works!

Via u/kaimead125

11. Does this mean that the babysitter also serves as the dishwasher?

Via u/FilOfTheFuture90

Working as a nanny or babysitter is no easy job. But people looking for daycare for their kids are the ones who are the most entitled people ever. People, especially parents won’t realize that being a nanny is a full-time job, and you must be able to pay them decent wages.

What’s your thought on giving these low wages to nannies for babysitting kids and also doing other house chores? Let us know in the comments section below!


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