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15 Times Movie Creators Forgot About Basic Logic And Made Stupid Mistakes

We’re all aware of how difficult it is to direct a film. Finding the best characters, leads, settings, as well as the most crucial part of retaining the actors for future series of movies. While filming a masterpiece, many directors and filmmakers lose track of common sense since there is so much going on. To be able to watch those scenes on our televisions, filmmakers must consider a wide range of factors in order to develop a good film. But we don’t even know how much work goes into making a movie. An individual can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it would be for a director to put together a tale that’s flawless in every way, even if they could. So it’s understandable that even the best films can have minor flaws that are overlooked by casual viewers but are readily apparent to the keenest of observers.


We have compiled some silly mistakes from our favorite movies that we haven’t realized despite watching them again and again. So, scroll down to have a look at these mistakes!

1. The sound of an explosion was initially heard in this scene of Ironman, followed by a burst of light. However, the truth is quite the reverse.

Via  Iron Man / Marvel Studios

This famous gesture of Tony Stark before the explosion in Iron Man is first heard and then the sparks were seen by only a few seconds. However, everyone is aware that sound travels at a faster pace than light. So it should actually be the opposite way around. It should be light first, then sound!

2. Spacesuit in The Martian(2015)!

Via The Martian / 20th Century Studios

The face of the guy in the spacesuit in The Martian (and many other movies about space) is always visible to the audience as if there was some kind of internal light. Real astronauts, on the other hand, cannot have their faces seen from the outside. People would be unable to see anything in space if the helmets of spacesuits appeared like they do in The Martian. Try looking outside at night from a well-lit room to see what we mean.

3. March 22, 1982, was actually Monday, not Sunday!

Via Forrest Gump / Paramount Pictures

Forrest Gump’s love character dies at the end of the film. Despite Forrest’s claim that she died on a Saturday, the gravestone reads March 22, 1982. The day actually fell on a Monday.

4. It wasn’t possible for Jack to visit Lake Wissota.

Via  Titanic / 20th Century Fox

As Jack tells Rose that he has been to Lake Wissota in Wisconsin, he means that he went there. Lake Wissota was formed in 1917 when a nearby power plant on the Chippewa River was built. This meant that this trip would never have been possible. It sank in 1912, five years before Lake Wissota.

5. Rubeus Hagrid is a half giant!

Via  Harry Potter The Philosopher’s Stone / Warner Bros. Pictures

Rubeus Hagrid is a half-giant because his mother is a giant and his father is a wizard. Hagrid is almost 2 times taller than a normal person, and giants in the Harry Potter universe were really big. This is what people say when they talk about Hagrid. Even though they were so different in size, how could the parents get pregnant with two babies at the same time? It was hard for the father to care for the giant baby because Hagrid’s mother left the family when he was still a baby.

6. Haley holding the phone upside down.

Via Modern Family / 20th Century Fox Television

Haley holds the phone upside down in one episode of Modern Family. People who pay attention can see this. People can’t talk on the phone this way in real life.

7. Star Wars. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983): Blurred Sky With Clear Stars!

Via  Star Wars. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi / Lucasfilm

There have been a lot of changes to the remastered versions of the first three Star Wars movies. They didn’t notice that the sky looks weird in this scene with Palpatine, but that didn’t bother them. In this picture, the whole background is very blurred, but the stars can be seen very clearly.

8. The mosquito can’t preserve blood for very long.

Via Jurassic Park / Universal Pictures

In Jurassic Park, scientists can get dinosaur DNA through a mosquito that got stuck in amber, which is how they get it. People who study DNA have shown that it can’t be preserved in amber for very long. Besides, the mosquito inside the amber looks more like a crane fly, which doesn’t eat blood and couldn’t have kept the dinosaurs’ DNA in its body.

9. In Wild Wild West, William wore a black tie that was published in 1950’s.

Via Wild Wild West / Warner Bros. Pictures

In Wild Wild West, Will Smith’s character wears a thin black tie exclusively. The irony is that such ties were first popularized in the 1950s, while the story is set in 1869.

10. Some mistakes in Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Via © Avengers: Endgame / Marvel Studios

Fans were able to point out a few errors in the film that finishes the Avengers saga, Avengers: Endgame. Doctor Strange appears to have a magic amulet in one of the climactic combat images, but the Eye of Agamotto vanishes in subsequent sequences. It’s interesting to note that Thanos destroyed the Time Gem in the previous film, which was housed in this magical relic.

11. Dinosaurs looked like birds in Jurassic World because of their height.

Via Jurassic World / Universal Pictures

Velociraptors are no match for Chris Pratt in Jurassic World. As seen in the film, these dinosaurs are massive and nearly human in height. They were actually just over 1’7′′ tall, and their feathers made them look more like birds than dinosaurs.

12. Anaconda(1997): Reverse Waterfall!

Via Anaconda / Columbia Pictures

For the boat to float backward in Anaconda, they reversed footage. The creators, on the other hand, neglected to account for the waterfall, which appeared to be running backward in the image.

13. Back to the Future (1985): This guitar wasn’t even released that time.

Via Back to the Future / Universal Pictures

Back to the Future’s guitar-playing Marty McFly has a flaw in the famous scene. The guitar Marty plays is a Gibson ES-345, which was released three years after Back to the Future. It’s funny to think that the movie takes place in 1955, but the red Gibson that appears in the film wasn’t released until 1958.

14. Nightcrawler (2014): Window Media Player!

Via Nightcrawler / Bold Films

In the movie Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a character who is looking for something online. You can see that there is just a video playing on the screen through Windows Media Player.

15. In Die Another Day (2002), turning to someone’s appearance is impossible in reality.

Via Die Another Day / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

During one of the James Bond movies, the North Korean spy Tan-Sun Moon changes his appearance through a change of DNA and turns into someone else. These things are not possible in reality. They can be very dangerous. Why didn’t he just go to a doctor who did cosmetic work?

Which mistake caught your eyes the most? Let us know in the comments section below.


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