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7 Illustrations Showing What Would Happen If Everyone Used Their Heads In Disney Movies

People don’t use their heads in Disney movies.

Some Disney movies might be iconic for many reasons but nobody ever said that the characters in these movies were actually intelligent. While this has been changing in the newer movies, if you take a look at the older movies, you will say that most of the things happen because they never communicate. And even when they do talk, they never do what a person would realistically do.


I am well aware that these movies are made for children in mind but even kids would make better decisions than some of our favourite characters. However, it is hard to put your Princesses in peril if they acted intelligently. It is just like horror movies characters where they always go towards the scary noise rather than doing what a normal person would actually do and run away. Well, that is what we are going to focus on today. And we have to thank Paul Westover for the hilarious scenarios and amazing art.

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#1 Other than the first wish, I would say Aladdin has got it right.

This might have actually worked but Genie wouldn’t have been happier. Also, it is a sort of wish master situation where there is always a trick to the wish so Aladdin might not get everything he wishes for exactly the way he wants.

#2 It seems that Belle really doesn’t care about outward appearances.


When she puts it like that, Belle is right. Beast is essentially immortal so why would she wanna change him back? Not only that but he is also super strong. So I never understood his moody behaviours, he should be thankful he got cursed.

#3 This would have made perfect sense.


Everyone knows Scar is evil so it wouldn’t have been much of a leap if he got called out for this. But then the movie would have been only half an hour and it wouldn’t be as much fun.

#4 The Prince just really likes feet.


I never understood how CInderella’s feet were somehow unique. I mean did she have deformed feet? Because otherwise, the shoes should have fit may women. And how come everything changed back but the glass slippers remained as is?

#5 I can’t imagine Mulan just opening her robe like that.


I can’t see Mulan actually revealing her like this but the dragon might have made everything much easier. I mean does gender even matter when you’ve got a dragon on your shoulder? I don’t think so.

#6 This would have made everything so much easier.


I can forgo this one since Ariel might not know how to write or read. So she might not have been able to do this.

#7 Snow White would have been iconic if she did this.


Snow White wouldn’t have needed a man since her roomies are all she needed. But it wouldn’t be a Disney Princess movie without a love interest.

What are your thoughts on these scenarios? Can you imagine these characters doing some of these things? Let us know in the comments below.


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