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Cashier Tries To Help Impatient Customer, Impatient Customer Gets In His Own Way

While at work and in drastic conditions, the customers should not act impatient and act sane. Especially with the employers who are trying to help everyone around at their best. It is really absurd to thrush your statement onto the other person’s face and not listen to what they have to say. Everyone should be considerate enough to listen to the other person. Something similar happened in the story that w are going to share with you today. If you keep doing this, the other person cannot do anything but maliciously comply.

When trying to work a customer service job without loathing every single aspect of the experience, impatient customers can really be a pain. The scene that was prepared for the development of this fairly repulsive drama sounds totally terrible. Sincerely, kudos to the cashier for embracing the situation and making the most of it by engaging in some tasty mischievous compliance. Check out the whole story by scrolling till the end. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us at the end.

1. OP works in a garden center where they open more tills for the queue of customers is getting longer


Font - Font - r/MaliciousCompliance u/Caridor · 6h + Join 6 e 11 S 1 I have to wait in the queue? Ok, if you insist.... M So I work at a small garden centre and we have a system where if the queue is getting too long, the person on tills calls on the radio to open another till. Basically means that staff can be doing other things when there aren't enough customers to justify having 2/3/4 tills open. I'm sure you can guess where this is going already.

2. The conditions at OP workplace were drastic due to weather and everything. One day he was going by the till where a tall guy stopped him 

Font - Font - Over the last week or so, it's been absolutely baking by UK standards and to top it off, our till area is what used to be the main greenhouse before the site got expanded. Old greenhouse, little air flow, scorching weather, it was hot as balls in there. This was causing a combination of angry customers and exausted staff and to top it off, our uniform is more what you'd call "guidelines" than an actual uniform. Navy polo, toe capped boots and you're good to go. So when I get the ca

3. He stopped OP to tell him that he is breaking the queue, he did not listen what OP had to say

Font - Font - Him: "Oi mate! Don't you know what a queue is?" Me: "But l'm..." Him: "No buts! You don't get to skip!" Me: "I'm just going..."

4. At this point OP himself was fried enough and he did not want to start a fight so he just obliged meanwhile his colleague was smiling at him 

Font - Font - Him: "I don't care! You wait like the rest of us!" At this point, with this guy getting pretty angry and turning a very deep shade of crimson, I look at the till with an exasperated look, catch my colleague's eye and just go "fine then!" and wait. It was too hot to argue over this and I wasn't going to risk this getting physical. My colleague with a knowing smile picks up her radio and says "Can I have another till please? I don't think Caridor can make it". No one arrives, probabl

5. Thi was the point where the angry man got to know and got much furious but the colleague handled the situation 

Font - Font - combination of radio issues, breaks colliding and "not my problem". So we wait. Only takes about 5 minutes to get to the front but angry dude is getting redder by the second. So he goes up to be served with a loud "Finally!". I'm now in the front of the queue, go up to my till, log in and call out "Can I help anyone on this side?". There was a loud "Are you f angry dude but my colleague was quick to loudly point out that I did try and explain several times, that he got ing with me?

6. He was so angry that he left his purchases and left the place as he was already embarrassed, OP had real fun doing this 

Font - Rectangle - very aggressive with me for doing so and was honestly lucky we were serving him at allI. He decided to just leave rather than embarress himself any further. Left his purchases on the desk and just left. I'm glad I didn't get in trouble for that one but it was a fun bit of MC. 11.5k 276 1, Share
Well, OP’s malicious compliance really worked out for him in this case. Have you even been in a similar situation? Tell us in the comment section as your feedback is important to us. If you want more interesting content coming your way, keep visiting defused.

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