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This Duo Of Cat And Dog Traveling To Happening Places Will Give You Travel Goals

A duo of cat and dog is unstoppable.

Cats are the perfect animals for everyone. They are very lovely, soft, and floofy (depends), and above all, they love loving you back. Yes, they do have a very moody personality and you may not recognize your kitty when they switch to attitude mode, but it’s all fun and games with them when you connect with your pets. It’s normal to through shades, don’t we do that as well? I once threw water on my brother’s workbook and took pride in it. I am the younger one and took advantage of it. It’s the same with the kitties. They know their cute and purrfect little faces can make them get away with anything.


And then we’ve got another animal that could possibly take the spot for being the best animal in the world. A dog. When we talk about dogs, the first word that comes to my mind is loyalty. It always talks a little time to connect with anyone. Be it a human or an animal. But when it comes to doggo, once the connection is established, the bond in their eyes is considered inseparable. And that sense of compatibility is then shown by them through licks, tail wags while smiling super-wide, and never being tired of belly rubs. They love belly rubs so never deny em’

Now we’ve established that cats and dogs are very good pets and they have their own ways of making us love them, and keeping us happy. But what happens when we put them together. I’d say that’d be the key to unlocking undying happiness. Wouldn’t you? I don’t know about you guys but for some reason, I was under the impression almost all my life that dogs hate cats, and cats are extremely terrified of dogs. Tom & Jerry kinda made my belief stronger, but in reality, there are so many cases and instances where you would see cats and dogs happily living together as a family. It’s amazing how well they can bond. Bonds are all about hearts, not brains. And that is with a little bit of confidence, openness, and acceptance, anyone can bond.

Today I have a story about a dog, Henry, and a cat, Baloo, who love to travel together. Let’s take a look at some of the epic imagery of the two best friends on their journey.

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Hikers Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend adopted Henry in 2014.

Henry was only 14-weeks-old when he caught the eye of Bennett at an adoption event. At first, Bennett first wanted to adopt a golden retriever mix, but when she saw Henry, it was love at first sight, and soon he was welcomed at his new furever home.

In an interview with The Dodo, Bennett said, “I think we only had him for three days when we took him on our first hike. He found the steepest, tallest rock around, and he ran up to the top of it to look over the edge. That’s why they started calling him their “little mountain goat.”


But for some reason, Bennet felt that the family was incomplete. She wanted to adopt another pet, but this time not a dog. She wanted a rescue kitten. Seems like an odd couple; a dog and a cat. But who knew what was to follow would be so epic.

After 5 months of committed searching, they found Baloo. A  Siamese kitten mix.



Baloo was a very active cat and loved roaming around and playing with whatever he could find. Bennett knew this would be the perfect match. So she decided to make Baloo meet Henry for the first time. And the first encounter was an absolute success. Bennett and her boyfriend knew that this cat-dog bond is going to be inseparable from the way Baloo always wanting to play with Henry.

It was as if someone glued the pair together.


Once a solid connection was established between Henry and Bennet, an unusual one I’d still stay. Bennett decided the pair was ready for some adventures. And soon they were taken on their first trips, together.

Upon being asked about Baloo, Bennett said, that she gets a lot of questions about how she got him used to it and how is it to travel with both a cat and a dog. She mentioned that Baloo absolutely loves traveling and gets really joyful when it is time to go outside.

“If I touch Henry’s leash, Baloo will start screaming at the door.”


And they are not just any pair of a cat and a dog. They are super famous on the internet as well. Bennet decided to make Henry and Baloo an Instagram account. Over time the pair good super viral. You would be shocked to hear this number. Their Instagram account has over 2 million followers. Yup! A tiny bit of shame dripping but it’s okay.

And they are verified as well.


Bennett has also been running a non-profit organization. The purpose of the organization is to preserve open land in perpetuity, freeing it from political and commercial interests.

The organization is named after Henry and Baloo.



The pair have been having a blast on their adventures, and they love every bit of it. The love and support these two pets have received from Bennett are unexplainable. She treats them like her self born babies. And the animals definitely admire the elite treatment that they are receiving. Proper pampering. No moment goes uncaptured though. The adventures of Henry and Baloo are captured and shared on the internet. The images are super epic to look at and would make anyone jealous.

So adorable!


I am jealous…

Does that count as camouflage?


Heart is melting!

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Is Henry about to swim or is he about to fly?



It’s snowing…


Not gonna lie, these two pets are the luckiest animals in the world. Any season you name, they have had an adventure in that season. And the best thing is, the way they are always next to one another. My respects for Bennett for this amazing level of upbringing. It is important to understand your brothers and sisters because you’ve got an entire life to spend with them. There would be zero point in fighting over everything at all times. So it is better instead to build a lovely relationship. Slowly, but eventually, things will work out.

Look how it turned out for Henry and his best mate Baloo. And I believe some portion of this was luck too. You never know, maybe the two were already adventure freaks.. And when you put two adventure freaks at the same place, there is no spotting them. There is only; exploring. 


What do you think?