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Hilarious Cat Posts That Prove They Are Weirdos (14 Pics)

It’s the end of the week and we don’t know how yours went but if it went good, we are happy for you. If it went bad, we are here for you!

Cats are one of the most famous and cutest creatures! Owning a cat doesn’t just improve the quality of our life but help us in numerous other ways as well. For starters, if you have lost someone, it’s almost impossible to get over that feeling but cats have been shown to help people get through their loss more quickly. Cats serve as social support during our difficult times even when humans can’t be of any help.


According to a recent survey in the UK, it has been found that a majority of women prefer to sleep with their cats instead of their partners. Yep, that’s true and to the husbands who are reading this, get rid of the cat in your house! Jk, please don’t. Although the cats have a reputation of not caring about their hoomans but they have saved numerous lives over the years. For instance, there’s one cat who warns her human whenever he’s about to have an epileptic seizure. In another heroic episode of a cat, she saved the life of their owners when there was a gas leak in the house and she woke them up just on time! Hard to believe? They are true stories.

So, you see, they are one of the most precious creatures which can and will do wonders for you! Now, another study depicted that just by watching cat videos and looking at their pictures, we can get a boost of energy and lots of positive emotions. So, there’s absolutely no doubt that having a cat can have numerous benefits. Now, why don’t we go ahead and take a look at some of the pictures and videos that we have gathered for you to make your week better?

1. Would you look at that adorable face!


I’d give all my votes to this cat.

2. WOW! Would you look at that heart!


That is so cool!

3. Hoomans dressed as their cats


Cats be like “you couldn’t get any dumber, could you?”

4. Here’s a pot of kitties to get you through the day!


I want to snuggle in between them 🙁

5. Here’s a picture of the most unusual friendship.


That’s one of the cutest pictures!

6. Either this one’s preparing to jump or trying to focus on something.


But cuteness can’t be defined in words.

7. Does your cat like to eat ramen?

Well, this one does.

8. It actually did catch my cat attentions!

She raised her ears and started to focus! It’s hilarious. Try it guys!

9. OH MY GOD! My heart is going to explode!



♬ orijinal ses – thenotoriousoz34

Nope, I can’t take that cuteness. That’s just too much!

10. You think you are flexible enough?


I pull up likkeee #rockstar 🔥#finalsathome #tiktokrestarea #momsoftiktok


Wait till you watch this little one!

11. Damn, is that kitty commando trained?

Those are some serious skills! That mission impossible’s soundtrack in the background though!

12. The life I want!

Me and my homie chillin’ in a good afternoon!

13. Okay, this one really cracked me up!

“Miss Dawson, where’s the other one? I need to go out!”

14. This kitty kissing back her hooman is enough cuteness for today!

Such a lucky, lucky, lucky hooman that is!

Well, that’s it for today. So, why don’t you tell us if that study about getting positive energy by looking at the cat pictures and videos were true? Did you feel any of it? If so, we would like you to explain exactly what you felt and how did it make your week better! We will be bringing more cat posts for you soon! Until then, adios amigos!


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