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Sphynx Cats Grow Winter Coats, 10 Adorable Photos Of Not-So-Hairless Cats


If you own a sphynx, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that your little feline baby isn’t completely hairless. The Sphynx, like humans, contains Vellus hair. They also have a soft, touchable fluffy down skin that makes them a purr-fect cat. If you look closely, you can see hair on your Sphynx’s toes, nose, and even his tail – what are you waiting for? Go and grab your Sphynx and have a look.

Did you ever wonder what is the cause of my Sphynx’s hair growth? Well, a Sphynx will grow a little fuzzy hair as part of their winter preparation. Amazing – isn’t it? Hormone changes that result in hair growth may occur if a sphynx is not spayed or neutered. It is something that can happen to any Sphynx at any moment. Isn’t this interesting that Sphynx grow their own winter coat on their skin! While we can all agree that sphynx cats appear very attractive with their lack of hair, we were anxious to see what they look like when they start growing their winter coats, and the photographs we discovered did not disappoint us!

These adorable kittens may frequently manage to develop some really remarkable peach fuzz to keep them warm. So, let’s take a look at them:

1. My cat looks like a half-roasted Turkey…

Via nakidsatthebeach

Look at this hairless tiny friend sitting there, doesn’t he looks like a small roasted chicken? Just kidding, these hairless cats are adorable, but we can’t wait to see what they’ll look like when they develop hair! We’ve seen dozens of cats with fur, but what about a cat that’s half bald and half furry? If you have never seen a Sphynx cat with half hair, then scroll down and have a closer look!

2. Sphynx cat – Half Bald & Half Furry!

Via  u/darlingmowgli

3. When it’s difficult to grasp reality!

Via @ilasja


Hair can grow on these hairless cats for a number of reasons, but it is most common during the winter. Yes, it is not a typo; it is indeed a truth. Just like this kid in the picture, there is the majority of people who are unaware of this fact.

4. My neighbor just decorated their Christmas tree, and their grey Sphynx is confused.

Via @skincapo_sphynx

5. Have a look at that little hairy hair!

Via @GustavoTurnerX

6. Well, my father adores his newly adopted Sphynx.

Via @Netherlanders

Winter is almost around the corner in most parts of the universe, which means it’s time to take care and make sure that your tiny feline buddies are warm and dry. Sphynx – the most adorable cat species are well-known for having almost no hair, so imagine how these babies survive during the winter season. During the winter, many sphynx cats grow small and adorable winter coats to keep themselves warm! That’s correct, these hairless cats don’t always stay hairless all winter; they have a few tricks up to survive.

7. I’m madly in love with my gorgeous hairless kitty!

Via @yungcoolmint

8. But he looks like a chicken!

Via u/SotirisAel

9. For my cat, a “Winter Coat” is a precious thing.


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10. A Purr-fect Comparison!

Via @KikiDoodleTweet

11. How precious does my hairless baby look while having a nap…

Via @NDManthro

12. Lastly, no matter how chilly it is outside, you should always take good care of your feline pet.

Via  @th0tn0s

If you have one of these hairless babies, then you know how fuzzy they become in the winter. If you own them, then don’t forget to share some fuzzy pictures of them with us in the comments area below.


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