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50 Pics Of Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog But Surely Know How To Cat

One reason why someone prefers either dogs or cats is because we know how different these two animals are. They are worlds apart and we can instantly think of thousands of reasons why they both are different. They love differently, they eat differently, and they play with us differently too. It is actually so common to think that dogs and cats are enemies.


People believe dogs are aggressive towards cats and prey on them, when that is actually far from truth. They can actually be very friendly towards either. And guess what, they can either be best friends! Just like we humans have our best friends, similarly dogs can find their best friend in a cat too. And sometimes it gets so far fetched, they even start copying them to the point you cannot tell them apart.

Scroll down below to see dogs acting like cats, it’s fascinating!

1. I’m one of the cats!

Via mako_thecatdog,mako_thecatdog

Mako is two and half years old pitbull. He thinks the cats, Pecan and Gizmo are his siblings and he is just like them!

2. On a scale of 1-10, how cat am I?

Via MySoleM8isACat

Can you tell that Marty was brought up by cats? It sure looks like it.

You may be able to gather a lot of similarities between the characteristics of dogs and cats, but there are some very clear differences that can be highlighted. A very prominent example would be the difference in the nature of habitats. Canines are known to be social in nature, while the feline family is known to prefer solitary. Dogs tend to travel in packs while cats prefer to be self-sufficient and live on their own. They even leave their babies after some time has passed since their birth. They prefer their alone space and along with that, would choose to eat and sleep alone as well. Unlike dogs, who do not have a hunting nature, cats act upon their instincts to attack anything little that moves around them. It does not matter if it is an insect, mouse, or a lizard, cats will make sure to hunt it down for a nice meal.

3. Accompanying my cat sibling on the cat tree!

Via SymanthaB

He likes the cat tree better than his crib.

4. Resting in the sole presence of cats!

Via just-a-traveler

The dog is even sleeping like a cat! Look at the way its head is up while sleeping. I think growing up with cats does make you similar to them.

5. If cats can do it, then I can do it too!

Via Vaagobert

This precious dog believed it has the same powers as a cat! He must have seen a cat do, and wanted to do the same. It is so cute how everyone is making sure the dog does not get hurt. Bless the people who are holding a big cloth for the dog to fall in, in case he falls at all!

Dogs really do sometimes start copying cats. But no matter how much they adopt each other’s habits, differences will remain. For example, both have very different tastes and eating preferences. Dogs are omnivorous, which means they can consume all variations of food e.g. meat, chicken, and vegetables. On the other hand, cats are strictly carnivores. A cat’s body requires a meat-based diet and protein to have good physical health. Eliminating meat from their diet would cause their body a lot of harm.

Another obvious and important difference between the two is that their potty training. It is very easy to train cats on their litter tray routine whereas it takes many weeks for dogs to get potty trained. Cats are self-cleaners and naturally prefer cleanliness, which helps with their training.

6. Milo wanted to live as a cat for this day!

Via freespiritedshadow

It is so funny seeing a dog sitting at a higher height like this! We only see our cats reaching crazy heights and we become attuned to it because it is typical cat behavior. But seeing a dog at such a height takes time for you to adjust to it.

7. I want to morphe into a cat!

Via Sharonxls

If my dog sits like this, I would be seriously questioning his ancestry!

8. I spent two years inside the house with a cat, now I must become one


I am gushing over how they are cuddled up and sleeping together! The owner of these pets thinks the dog has spent too much time with the cat. I think we kind of agree.

One may get confused why a dog is behaving like a cat. There could be different reasons to it. There could be underlying medical conditions as well. Firstly, the dog might be just copying the cats around him. If the dog is living too close to a cat, in one house, and possibly are together all the time, it is very likely that the dog adopted a few habits of the cat. The way we admire cats so much, the dog must have noticed and started acting in similar way to get that attention. Secondly, the dog might be undergoing separation anxiety. This can influence and push the dog to act in odd manner e.g. getting very clingy with you like a cat does. Another reason could be that the dog might have skin problems. Dog sometimes start licking themselves the way cats do after observing them. Licking their skin must have caused some skin irritation and problems.

9. Lying on the sofa like a cat!

Via Jarv_Turkey

Who could have thought that we will get to see a dog lying in a cat’s position? It is so weird but also funny seeing a dog lying like that.

10. The cat door was made for me!

Via  kricket3235

“My husband leaves for work earlier than I do. He keeps the dog out so she won’t wake me up. However, we have a cat door to our bedroom. This is how I’m greeted most mornings”

A quick question, does he really plan on getting out of this little door?

11. Don’t mind my weight, this table is mine to stand on!

Via kevinaud

The owner blessed us by putting up a camera in their house to see what their dog and cat do all day.

Moreover, it is possible that the dog is seeking a greater vantage point. Fifth reason could be that the dog is craving attention and your love. They are bored and they want you to spend time with them. They are probably tired of moving their tail and chewing on the furniture, so they start trying everything and anything that will bring them attention. Lastly, some of the dog’s breeds that are more like are – Vizla, Basenji, Shiba Inu, Italian greyhound etc.

12. Legs of a cat!

Via Mmmelanie

This little one is called Dexter and he thinks he has the same flexibility as a cat!

13. Oops, I think I could pass through as a cat does!

Via ermarie73

“Maddie trapped herself in the basement and was too polite to bark. This is how I found out”.

Maddie is as polite as a dog can be!

14. Loki on the watch!

Via smack-cranberries

Loki prefers keeping a note of everyone coming in and out of the house. He is guarding the house but styles it like a cat.

15. Chaos in the crib!

Via DEEL17

Does this look familiar? No? Let me ring a bell. Do you know how cats find a random bird in the house and climb your cabinets? Yes, this is exactly that situation. I think the universe forgot to register in his head that he is a dog.

16. As disciplined as a cat!

Via ChootEmChootEm

Well isn’t Pitload the cutest cat-like dog ever! He perfects the beautiful pose of cats.

17. I sleep better with my little kitten sister!

Via Kitty102293

“I bought a kennel for my dog and put the cat’s bed on top. Gracie wants to be with her kitty at all times”. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

18. He wanted to see what all the hype was about among cats!

Via bnworkman

“I thought we were going for a walk, ending up going for a climb”. Well, I would give up anything to see my dog like that!

19. Which one is the dog?

Via slavensc

I honestly did not even think there was a dog in the picture! The dog looks so much like a cat in that pose. He is almost a natural.

20.  He wanted to see what was cooking!

Via SamanthaJK09

21. Enjoying the golden hour!

Via mctaylo89

There is no way this is a dog. The body langauge screams cat!

22. The cat tree belongs to me!

Via mangophilia

This little guy apparenly thinks that little place his for him to squeeze into.

23. I was born a dog, but I would like to live like a cat!

Via Erotic_FriendFiction

Oh, that is definitely  not a dog!

24. I wanted to join the cats downstairs but the door was closed, so I decided to break it

Via xXMaGGoXx

This dog was more intrigued to join the cats downstairs than his back in the street.

25. When your mom’s face is more comfortable than the floor

Via anne_c_rose

“My dog thinks I’m a chair sometimes”. We wouldn’t mind having such a big floof on our face either!

26. Scratch, Scratch and Scratch!

Via mewtonwoofs

“We bought Seren a new scratch and of course the cat went for it “. The cat probably trained him!

27. 10 points if you spot the dog!

Via d3lro

Another dog that we had a hard time spotting! I swear, you can barely notice. I love how comfortable the cats are around the dog. They are accepting him as their own.

28. Perfect duo!

Via Emdora

“My dog is obsessed with my cat and likes to hang out wherever the cat hangs out”. With a cat this cute, anyone would want to spend all their time with it. I would not be surprised if a lion volunteers to be in this dog place either. These both look like their dropped straight out of heaven!

29. If a cat can squeeze into this, so can I!

Via mewtent

This dog is named bingbong and he feels way more comfortable in this little cat bed than his large dog bed. Don’t be fooled, it is not the dog bed is far. It is right next to the little bed he has squeezed himself into.

30. My mommy got me a cat tree

Via Solasshole

31. Don’t let mommy take classes

Via CrispyFriedTofu

As if cats were not enough, now your dog won’t let you take your classes or meetings too.

32. Time to take over the litter tray

Via castotz

Well, this is peak cat behavior! This dog has officially entered the cat’s club.

32. A little bed for a little dog

Via pennylane_9

If this dog is asked he is a cat, he would probably respond in affirmation.

34. When you are brought up around a cat

Via Duckduckandgoose

Well, we all know cats dominate everyone. It looks like the cat dominated thos dog into behaving the same way too!

35. A cat told me you sleep better this way

Via ocdrummer47

What a floof! Want to cuddle this baby’s sleep away.

36. Tranformation into a cat succesful

Via AdhesiveMessage

37. The shoulder is definitely big enough for me to hop on!


38. How dare mommy did not order this for me too!

Via mollygk

If you won’t buy your dogs their own cat pillow, they will take over your cat’s pillow!

39. Purrr

Via locke.the.fluffy.corgi

“Did you know the corgo-cat has a purr that sounds suspiciously like a bark?”

40. Don’t worry, I fit in just right!

Via SmellyEggRolls

If you thought your dog was too big to fit into a tree, think again!

41. Snowball!

Via vrklikhus

42. Too big, Don’t care!

Via Scubachic0121

This big guy grew up around cats. Can you tell?

43. You might as well give me cat food!

Via ChiefII

44. His dog brain stopped functioning so the doctor replaced his brain with a cat’s brain!

Via jayblink182

“My friend’s dog has clearly been spending too much time around the cat”. No wonder where he learned to hop on a fence like that!

45. I like copying my little cat sister!

Via FearsomeMongoose

It looks like he is ready to eat cat food!

46. Cat disguised as a dog!

Via the_lady_bartman

He is too comfortable being a cat, I doubt he even notices he isn’t one.

47. If anything pushed him to become a cat, it is this box!

Via kingtooth_pug

48. I think I went too far

Via PepperSprayP

Dogs c n pretend to be cats all they want, but sometimes it goes too far.

49.  Safe and sound!

Via kfelt18

50. Furry boy!

Via indyhund_dk

This little boy confirmed his ancestry of of feline creatures this day! The owner was probably questioning at this point if he mistakenly took a cat disguised as a dog.

To all those people who think dogs are worst enemies of cats, they might want to reconsider! These pictures will make them want to rethink their stance on how the relationship between a cat and dog is. These dogs were so influenced and inspired by cats, that they adopted similar behaviors. Some dogs imitated cats so well, you could hardly tell the difference. People who are both dog lovers and cat lovers must be feeling lucky today because they got a mix of cats and dogs in all these pictures. It’s something we never thought was missing in our lives.

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