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25 “Innocent” Dogs Who Got Caught Red-Pawed

Who doesn’t like playful pets? And what animal is more cheerful and playful than a dog? Dogs are loved by so many people. They show traits that are similar to human like: showing empathy, jealousy, compassion and they can even watch TV with you. Plus, coming home to your dog, who has been waiting for you for a while, is a very exciting feeling. Getting loads of furry cuddles after a long tiring day. It’s such a warm feeling to return home to them. But what about when you enter home, and your lounge doesn’t seem familiar…

It may seem like a hurricane had hit the house. No, No! Look closer and you’d understand –  all the cushions have been torn apart, there are big scratches and openings in the walls, and broken glass and windows. And sitting amidst all of this, is your adorable, loving dog, just staring at you, hoping you won’t realize it was his/her hard work.

Well, we’ve got proof. We have gathered some pictures of such moments that the owners managed to capture at the right time. We can only imagine the look on the owners faces but… it’s way too hilarious for us not to laugh at. Keep scrolling, you’ll know what we mean!

1. The cushion just exploded by itself.


“Don’t punish me for something that I didn’t do…”

2.“I have something I need to tell you…”


3. How can one dog do so much damage?


The dog heard his owner calling someone else “good boy”, hence the reaction…

4. “Hi Mum, we had a great day, how was yours?”


Mom also had a good day until she entered this room.

5. Well, I am as shocked as you are. I have no idea who did this.



“Doesn’t my face show how surprised I am? Some other dog might’ve entered the house while I was asleep.”

6. “The floor was too hard, I made it softer!”

7. “I didn’t like this magazine.”


Or… Magazines

8. The door wasn’t useful so I thought I’d just break it.

In dogos defense, he was just trying to help his owner knock down all the impractical things around the house.

9. “Human, it’s too messy here, clean it up…”


“You know I don’t like a messy house, why don’t you get this cleaned up, hooman?”

10. You really think someone with such an innocent face as myself, could do all this?

It was the cat all along!

11. This may sound unrealistic but someone started punching my bed like a punching bag and it blew up!


12. You said you will love me unconditionally. You still love me, right?

“I am accepting that I created this mess, and I promise I will help you clean it. Just don’t be mad at me!”

13.“I didn’t do it, I’ve been in my cage this whole time!”


“Well I would’ve stopped the street dog from doing this but you’ve locked me up in a cage.”

Loving these picture? Aren’t they hilarious. We have a lot more for you! Just scroll down below.

14. Not the birthday decoration that mom was expecting.

15. “No, we disapprove of another Corgi in the house”


These doggos angry expressions tells us how much they dislike the stuffed toy trying to imitate them.

16.  Rosie wanted some toilet paper, I was taking it to her but I got distracted in the middle.

“I didn’t know playing and tearing tissue paper would be so much fun.”

17. This piece of foam is better outside than inside of a cushion.


I’m sure you would agree, hooman.

18. Someone knocked at the door and I couldn’t see who it was.

So I decided to rip them off.

19. I wanted to get rid of a baby mice, as I know how much you hate mice.


Come on, I was just helping you.

20. We’re at peace because we did nothing wrong, it was a raccoon.

21. Clearly, this doggo doesn’t like the new bed.


22. Feathers are my new favorite blanket.

Not really fond of feather being inside the blanket.

23. What ya looking at? You think I did it?


“Don’t give me this look human, you know I haven’t done it. I don’t like playing with papers.”

24. New decorations for my bed and the floor.

25. The caged dogo is so glad he won’t be blamed for all of this.


“I did it and I am not even sorry.” *blows raspberry*

Hope you found this article funny and hilarious! We would love to know if you have any favorite guilty doggos. Let us know in the comments section below.


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