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15 Heart Touching Cat Adoption Stories That Will Make Everyone Feel Warm

Every story is good and even better with a cat involved in it.

Cats are literally the best gift nature could ever give us. I want to thank whoever did that good deed that convinced the Egyptian gods to turn the ship towards planet Earth and leave the most precious creature on here. There is so much to talk about cats, you should meet a cat owner. All they talk about is “my cat did this”, “I just realized this about my cat”, “I want my cat to”, and so on. And that is because cats keep providing us with so much on a very consistent basis. So basically, having a cat around you means zero boredom. The cat could kill that boredom away by giving you the nose licks, and showing love in all sorts of unique ways, or it could eliminate that boredom by annoying you to the core for example, by breaking your favorite TV for fun. So yes, cats are tiny packages packing a very nice surprise, and the journey with a cat shall always remain your most exciting adventure ever.

Given all that cats do for us, unfortunately, there are still some people who don’ realize their true worth. I don’t mind people saying “I am not a cat person”. That is totally fine and acceptable, it is your life you be the decision maker. But people who adopt cats and then abandon them for absolutely no reason or a reason so bad, that I have a serious problem with them. They made the innocent animal trust them at first and shatter that trust like there was no heart involved, to begin with. These cats are kicked out to survive on their own with little or no hope for a second shot at life. Some stray cats get spotted by shelter teams and they get brought to the animal shelters but a life in a cage is no life at all, even though the people at the shelter take good care of the animal. Those cats deserve to be free.

And thank god, there are some people, unlike the bad ones, who allow cats to achieve their purpose of taking their own decisions. These superheroes are the ones who adopt these cats, either from the shelters or straight from wherever they get a glimpse of a stray cat, walking around on its own. These heroes turned the lives around for these cats and provided them with the confidence to start a new chapter, the confidence to trust humans all over again.

And then there’s another phenomenon where cats randomly show up at a stranger’s house and adopt that person. It is a reality and we have some examples of such events in today’s post.

Today we are going to enjoy heartwarming cat adoption stories. Things cannot get any better than this.

Scroll down below to enjoy! And always remember, it is the cat that adopts the human and not the other way around.

1. Family adopted this beautiful cat who decided to invade the neighbors’ house and proceeded to adopt them. A new, big, and happy family.

Via Carol Kolodziej

2. The neighbor’s cat would always come over to this person’s house because it loved all the fancy stuff there. The neighbors had to work really hard to drag the cat back, but knew the cat has made up its mind. The day they left the neighborhood, the neighbors left the cat behind for this person. The two have been happily living together.


Via Emma Scott

3. He randomly started showing up every time this person would go in the yard to feed their outside feral cat. It was clear the cat needed love and had been abandoned by its previous owner. One day when the person was done feeding the cats, as he went back in so did this, stranger, cat. That day the cat adopted his person and seems like they had no other option but to surrender.


Via Lynn Frankowski

4. Meet Edgar. He was literally skin and bones when his soon-to-be owner found him in a gutter. He was infected with fleas and god knows what, and smelt really bad. The lady thought of nothing else and instantly took the kitten to the vet to start treatment. Edgar was only 6 months old at the time. He is now a happy, big, and healthy boy who is enjoying life to the fullest with his new mother.


Via Elise Stone

5. This little baby was found at an animal shelter. The owner and the cat instantly connected when they were allowed to spend some time together. The cat literally hoped inside the person’s purse and it was known at that moment, that the cat has adopted a human.


Via Sarah Schuetz

6. This is Rue. He was the only cat at the animal shelter who showed interest in this person who had come there to adopt a cat. It was understood that Rue wanted to adopt them and they complied to the command.


Via Jean Mags Marie

7. The 4-week-old kitten survived the wrath of being a stray and approached a house. 6 a.m. in the morning it called for help with all the energy it had left. Luckily, the house owner heard the cries and instantly let the cat in. The cat was adopted by their daughter who had just returned from Japan and was in dire need of companionship, and so did the kitten.


Via Denise Fagerberg Tiller

These stories are so damn true. I literally love cats and I am so glad they are where they were always supposed to be. It does take time but nature always possesses those who are good. We must make sure no cat feels any harm because they are the reason we are happy. I wish all these cats a very happy life in their furever homes.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

8. “These ladies were found in a parking lot with three of their siblings. All of them went to good homes. Each one then chose her person. Mary chose my husband, and Martha chose me.”


Via Lynda Seehusen

9. “This little boy took up residence right outside the door of my bedroom. Every time he saw me he stood up and pawed the door begging to come in. He adopted me. Meet Ted!”


Via Sharon Wright Streeby

10. “This is Ludwig who turns 16 today. In 2007, I had to put down a beloved cat on a Sunday afternoon. We stopped by the shelter and went in to meet cats This guy ran to me. I picked him up and he snuggled in and purred loudly. I put him down and picked up a second cat. This guy meowed in protest, so I picked him up again. I picked up a third cat and got even louder protests. I then handed him to my husband and the cat continued to pour on the charm. He made it clear that he wanted to be *our* cat and we held out no longer. He has been the friendliest cat I have ever known in 60 years of having them as pets. He lost his hearing a year ago (like his namesake, Beethoven) and can no longer chew kibble, but he remains loving and happy. He is snuggling on my shoulder as I type this. I have had him longer than any other in my life. Ludwig had it right all along!”


Via Carla DeLay

11. “We were looking at the humane society and wandered past this glass box shelter and kept going to see the cat we thought we were there for and suddenly heard this very demanding meow yowl and turned back to see what was making such a noise and there was Blu. Looking at us like Ah, you walked by me? We never did go see that other cat. This was him, all sad and dirty from sleeping on the newspaper. Best boy ever!”

Via Michele Struss

12. “I worked at a college, and a feral cat had kittens behind one of the dorms. One of our student employees took them in, and since having cats in a dorm room is frowned upon, he needed to find a home for them quickly. I had no intentions of getting a cat, but somehow got talked into meeting her. She crawled into my lap and fell asleep, and every time I moved her off my lap she crawled back in. That was 15 years ago.”


Via Anthony Forte

13. “I’ve fostered hundreds of cats over the years. My foster room is in our finished basement. I was fostering Tuna as a kitten and she found a way to escape the foster room through the ceiling tiles and then found my husband and laid it on thick with the purrs and cuddles. We rearranged the room so she couldn’t get to the ceiling but would fly out of the room every time the door was opened and would seek out my husband every time. I got sick of chasing her down to put her back in the room, so I just let her have free run of the house. After a few days, my husband, who has never asked to adopt any pet, asked me “so what’s going on with this white cat. We keeping it or what?” That was his way of saying he really wanted her. So I would say she moved herself in.”

Via Lindsey Phenis

14. “His name is Ghost. I was at a very difficult time in my life and was at my lowest due to a long illness. He was born to a stray in my backyard right after I had surgery. From the time he opened his eyes, he clung to me. It’s like he knew I needed him. He brought me out of my low and we share a very strong bond to this day. I’ve had several cats in my life since birth, but he was different. He is my best friend.”


Via Brandi Kanselaar

15. This pregnant cat randomly showed a stranger’s house after a session of heavy rain. The cat looked hungry so they fed her with what they had; dog food. 2 days later the cat returned and it wasn’t pregnant anymore. They tried to find the babies but they were nowhere to be found. However, the grateful cat stuck by and has been living with them for 4 years now.

Via Barbara Shugar

I really hope you guys enjoyed these emotional adoption stories. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more cat goodness!


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