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This Cat Learned To Beg In A Way That Melts People’s Hearts, And It’s Impawsible To Say “No”

How does your cat behave when he or she needs something? Cry, meow loud, or beg like a human in front of you? Yeah – you read that right. Begging like a human!!! That sounds strange, but yes, there are some cats that behave like humans oftentimes.

Natasha and Andrew Klosterman are the luckiest people who own a special talented black cat named Waddy. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio along with five other cats. Waddy is a very cute and friendly cat. If he didn’t have a superpower, he probably wouldn’t have been known to a lot of people. Waddy begs like it’s his job or like he’s an expert in begging. Do you know, he puts his paws together and waves them until he gets what he wants. Ah, isn’t that adorable?

We all love and adore these tiny creatures, and it’s our duty to share most amazing stories with you all. This time, we are excited to share Waddy’s videos and adorable begging photos with you. We came across this talented feline friend on Instagram and we asked Waddy’s human parents to tell us more about more amazing things he could do, and here’s what we found out. Just keep scrolling and have fun!

Have a glimpse at how this black feline baby named “Waddy” is begging for a slice of pizza.

Via waddywaves/Instagram© waddywaves/Instagram

Natasha and Andrew own six cats in total named: Waddy and his sister Cutler, as well as Jax, Mystery, Pepper, and Spooky. By the way, we are loving these names!! Among these feline babies, Waddy is a 3-year-old black cat, and he stands out from the rest of the feline pack because to his special ability. Do you know what’s his talent? He is a master of begging. Yes, he begs just like a human. Waddy presses his paws together and starts waving whenever he needs something from his people or his feline friends. To see these tiny acts, you don’t have to wait long, says Natasha, who claims that Waddy is a demanding cat on social media these days.


Via  waddywaves/Instagram

Waddy was just a few months old when he first began waving his paws. In the beginning, he was waving in the air but nothing happened, but over time, he got this strange power and talent. Obviously, it’s not common to see a cat pressing paws and begging for something. Likewise, no one told or trained Waddy to do like this, nor did he know how to do it. But whenever Waddy does begging, his human always pet him.

Just look, how Waddy presses his paws when he wants something. Adorable!!

Via waddywaves/Instagram

No doubt, Waddy has a unique talent and owns a distinct personality. Oftentimes, he becomes obsessed with something and it’s an obsession for him.

According to Natasha: “His current obsession is with the bathroom. He begs at the bathroom door all the time for us to open it so he can sit in the sink and get brushed,”

She told us that he constantly requests for the bathroom door to be opened so he may sit in the sink and be brushed. Playing fetch with Waddy is one of his favorite activities, and he was never taught how to do it.

Someone loves to beg for a pizza!

For the love of God, please feed me!

Waddy is happy but would still wave at us with his paws!

Can you believe that no one taught him to do this?

Hooman, see what I can do!

Puppy eyes? No sir, Waddy eyes!

Just when you think it can’t get any more adorable…

Can your cat play fetch? Well, this one can!

Ever seen a cat pressing his paws and begging for something? If yes, don’t forget to share pictures with us in the comment section below.


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