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Cat Medley: A Cute Collection Of Best Cats From This Month

Cats are full of cuteness and we can never get enough of their cuteness galore.

Hello to all the cat people! We are back with another exciting cat medley. This is an appreciation post to admire all kinds of cats who make this world a positive place with their existence and good vibes. We have seen all types of cats; the happy, the sad, the angry ones, the big, the tiniest ones or the derpiest. They are all our favorite and we can not get enough of them. We always have a space in our life for more cattos and we are sure you feel the same. Today, we have brought to you a cat medley of 20 of the most adorable cats whose rescue stories will make your heart melt. Scroll down for cuteness galore.


1. “The guy I was dating couldn’t stand I had a cat (or any cats). He told me it’s him or my cat… Yeah, nah. I 100% choose my cat”

Via u/shutupknobgoblin

Cats over guys. Always.

2. Found these two lying in the grass while I was biking. Rescued them, put them in the bag and now they are quarantined in the garage.


Via u/SadPetDad21

When they were brought home, they ate as they have never eaten before.

3. “Just bought my house.. Might’ve inherited a cat”

Via u/EarthBeforeEconomy

What a great deal!

4. Someone shot this little catto with a BB gun. How cruel!


Via u/summer075x

“She had to have spinal surgery and has yet to move any part of the lower half of her body. We’re afraid she may never walk again 😔 Please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Chatty. Also, keep your kitties indoors.”

5. Start your day with a beautiful smile.


Via u/VergaraIrene

Meet Rexie, the famous cat.

6. Are they hiding something or secretly planning on something?


Via u/tamdes2

7. “This is my cat Leo. My sister says he’s ugly and doesn’t look like a cat. What do you guys think?”


Via u/tyingdanger279

There is no such thing as an ugly cat. Leo is a beautiful cat and deserves to be loved.

8. She loves to bite toes and nothing seems to stop her.


Via u/CatchADeffaz

9. “What color is my cat?! Everyone says she’s an orange cat but I think she’s more cream colored than anything else.”


Via u/sweetcaroline603

White, cream, orange? What do you guys think?

10. Meet Flora, a beautiful ball of floof.


Via u/macabrejaguar

Cats are just so cute. Do we really need a reason to love them? No, we love them unconditionally and we will keep loving them for their innocence and pawsitivity. They are tiny, they are cute, they are fluffy and steal our hearts every time they look at us. Our mornings start with them and our day does not complete without them. Love your cats and appreciate them for their existence. Scroll down for more!

11. “Brought the pregnant stray inside as it is over 100° out. An hour later, she went into labor. 2 babies out now! Any tips?”

Via u/xhumanityisthedevilx

Rescue pregnant cats and take care of them. It does not cost anything to be kind to animals.

12. Otis killed his first cockroach by himself and we are so proud of him.


Via u/OmusCinder

13. “Cute or ugly?”

Via u/Sissmaid

Beauty with a lot of wrinkles and we don’t mind them.

14. They would not fit together but would try it anyway.


Via u/xsplosionmanx

15. We love his sleeping position. All curled up.

Via u/CupcakeLikesTheStock

“This cat isn’t my cat. He waltzes in to the house when we’re going for a walk and doesn’t care we’re gone for half an hour or so. He even miaows outside when the door is closed. We’ve been feeding him, trying not to but he was eating carpet bits off the floor earlier. He looks fine but not chipped.”

16. They are taking bathroom breaks together.


Via u/Peregrin_Mozzarell

17. Meet Snowball. He turned 5. Everyone, please wish him a Happy Birthday.

Via u/lolxdwtflamo

18. “Our barn cat gave birth to this absolute gem of a kitten”


Via u/throw_auway

Such a gorgeous kitten. We are in love!

19. “My cat has no neck”

Via u/Your_miserable_face

She might not have a neck but she has stripes and spots that make her stand out from the rest.

20. Her mesmerizing eyes can make anyone fall for her.


Via u/peodils

Why do you love cats? Which cat do you own and how much do you love your cat? Comment down to share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you!


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