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Cat Moms Trusting Humans With Their Kittens That Prove Every Mom Needs A Little Help

You know you have won at life if a cat decides to trust you.

Cats are very choosy when it comes to trusting people. It takes a lot of time and observation for them to pick someone and develop their trust in them. It certainly does not happen overnight. You can tell if a cat trusts you by their body language as well. When a cat sleeps comfortably around you or lies down with its tummy exposed, it means that they feel safe around you and don’t consider you a threat. Once your cat decides to trust you, life will become a lot more interesting. They will start showing you affection in a lot of ways. They will bring you “gifts” which might be dead birds or lizards, they will cuddle up and sleep with you at night, and they will also want your attention if you are busy doing something else.


But you know that your cat trusts you a lot when it hands over its kittens to you. It is honestly something that you should be proud of achieving! People shared stories of cat moms trusting humans with their kittens, and honestly, these stories are so wholesome. Scroll down below to read them all:

1. She fed the babies one at a time and left it with her human after it was nursed to feed the next baby.

Via Rebecca Comer

2. Now you are trusted by a cat, and also loved by 10 adorable kittens!


Via Nuala Kranas

3. “I can’t control the weather and I’m going to need some help with these.”


Via Keith Harris

4. That is a whole new level of love and disgust.


Via Melisa Dodrill

5. Every mom needs her sleep, and it is hard if you have babies to take care of. It is no different for cat moms.


Via Amberly Stacy Mathews

6. When the whole family works as a team to clean up the kittens, you know you have a very close bond with each other.


Via Ilene Bennett

Okay, these are really heartwarming. My cat is spayed so I wouldn’t know the feeling of being trusted by a cat with her kittens. It really must be a wonderful feeling and whether you are a man or woman, your motherly instincts will kick in and you will consider it your duty to take care of those furry babies. Scroll down below for more cat mom stories:

7. Cats don’t like being restricted when it comes to space. That is why she chose this human because she knew they wouldn’t restrict her.


Via Tara Gilbar

8. Keeping a pet instead of giving it up for adoption always turns out to be one of the best decisions of your life.


Via Andrei Torres

9. Mama Roach was not afraid to give birth between his feet.


Via Bernie Pederson

10. “Do I look like a doctor to you? Take my baby to a vet.”


Via Rhonda Gamble

11. They only bring their kittens to places where they feel safe and secure.

Via Cass McMain

12. And who said goats were any different?


Via Sélah DeLamare

Has a cat mom ever trusted you with her kittens? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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