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10+ Cat Posts That Show Cats Live Their Life On Their Own Terms & It’s Hilarious

Cats really do just create their own rules. There are way too many times that they do things that we just cannot understand! From finding a new weird favorite napping spot, or obsessing over some weird object in the house that’s usually extremely mundane, our beloved kitties just make their own cat logic and we have to get on board! Humans may have made strides in the field on scientific discovery, but understanding the actions of our favorite feline friends proves puzzling, confusing, and mind-boggling at most times!


I guess it just comes down to letting our cattos do their own thing. Whether that’s climbing obscure places, or hiding out while you try to summon them, we know that they’re moody creatures that’ll do just as their minds and hearts tell them. Imagine this: you’ve spent a fortune buying them the most fascinating scratch post with levels, toys, and vibrant colors. They saunter over, give it a bored glance and head back to their favorite spot on the corner of the couch to scratch away! This might be an exasperating moment for a cat owner but eventually, you’ve got to resign to the unpredictable cat logic that prevails.

No matter what our floofballs do though, they continue to rule our hearts and we just can’t get enough of waiting to see what they’ll do next! After all, they’re adorable, and we love them! We’ve compiled some hilarious moments faced by cat owners where their cats have done exactly as they pleased and used their own brand of logic to make their hoomans laugh, cry, and just love them even more!

1. This catto’s the real pocket full of sunshine

via ShisuiUchiha31

2. “Not sure how I got here in the first place…”

via eliexx

3. How DARE you pet the neighbor’s cat?!

via ofthefeliscactus

4. Would prefer this home delivery over pizza any day

via screon

5. Getting that bronze summer tan

via ratrodder49

6. I’m sure he had his reasons…?

via Otterleigh

7. Just another regular day…

via Twist_Ending03

8. The best hide-and-seek player in the house

via boberthepker

9. Toastier than a baguette for sure

via RainyDay29

10. Did someone call a cat-penter?

via reddit

11. Just creating some chaos as usual

via RachelTheThudMuffin

12. He misses the old ones…

via IAmReallyNotMilk

13. Guess you can’t attend that meeting today

via RallyPigeon

14. That rug is now her blanket

via DarkNFullOfTerrors

Cats can sometimes be so intelligent, and at other times make absolutely NO sense. To be fair, I’m sure they have their own reasons that we humans cannot comprehend. It might just be easier to accept their behavior as the enigma that it is and continue to give them that unconditional love that they deserve! Some cat antics are better just observed and ignored just for your own mental sanity.

The most endearing is the relationships cats have with random inanimate objects lying around the house. Whether that’s an apron, a random piece of string, or a piece of décor, if your cat chooses it, you are powerless to break that bond! So you might as well just embrace it and realize that your catto has a new friend!

15. Effortlessly adorable

via youreaspooty

16. Playtime gone wrong

via reddit

17. He’s just trying to high-five his hooman

via thenytimes

18. Where do I get one of these?

via TittyWolff

19. He’s a creature of the dark

via magenta_thompson

20. Violence is not the answer!

via ukoncorneliouss

21. Happiest surrounded by his fav snacks

via Turpinator_04020809

22. He’s cuter than normal cats too

via adderall_sloth

23. They think they’ve found the moon

via buddhaonacid

24. His own little jungle gym

via sghatz

25. Cat logic 101

via juniperzz

26. He can never go back

via NeckBeardBeacon

27. I think he’s just enjoying the cushion cuddles

via stephiii84

28. Catto feels like we’re being watched

via Trash_Kit

29. Truly embracing snowfall

via Doubounoutte

Cats have this innocent and amazing sense of wonder at the world around them. Their need to explore everything that they come across can be both disastrous and beautiful. No one knows which it will be! Through these random photos of cat logic at its best (or worst) you probably have an idea that these felines will create their own form of entertainment and you don’t need to do much to ensure that they’re happy and entertained.

Cat owners are probably relating to most of these photos and have probably come to terms with the crazy ups and downs of having cats in the house. Watching them take over your personal belongings, create their own form of personal space, and laze around on your favorite couch, we’re sure you cater to their whims and fancies rather than the other way around! Let us know in the comments which snap was your favorite, we’d love to hear from you!


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