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19 Kitties That Are Going Insane Without Their Catnip

Catnip is a herb of the mint family and contains nepetalactone.

Cats love catnip and often get high when they inhale it. They start rolling, rubbing, flipping or dozing off. Some of the cats may become hyperactive or aggressive after having catnip. You may see your cat doing some of the craziest things and wonder why is it doing it. What’s wrong with my cat today? Little do you know your cat has taken catnip. Well, not all cats react to catnip. Some are just crazy by birth and we can not control it. Today, we have 19 crazy cats that are going wild with or without catnip. Scroll down if you are ready to laugh.


1. Look at her zoning out after having catnip.

© unknown/imgur

2. When you come home to find your cat like this:


© ResidentShortAsian/imgur

3. Cat: How can you enter the washroom without knocking?


© DisRuptive1/reddit

4. Crazy best friends:


© johar3mfl/reddit

5. “Get down, climber!”


© Forest Hills Cat Hospital

The little climber refuses to get down.

6. The only way you can stop her:


© Mathieu

7. Human, help me!!


© mur-tv2017/yandex

That’s how our life is right now.

8. What catnip did to this kitty:


© loopdeedoo/imgur

9. The face when she realizes it was a bad decision to take catnip:


© fakeyarratrams/Twitter

10. When you hide catnip but they find it anyway:


© forgetmenott/imgur

These cats look hilarious after taking catnip. Just look at their faces. Crazy, wild and funny. When a cat is crazy for catnip, no matter how much you try to hide it from her, she would find it. Put it in a plastic bag or whatever, your cat will get it, bite it and doze off. It’s funny to see this side of cats. Scroll down to see how other cats react to catnip.

11. Catnip has worked its magic on this kitty:

© bongogirl/imgur

12. “Leave me be, I’m thinking about the meaning of life.”


© eaglebtc/reddit

13. “I think I was a bat in my previous life.”

© fastandfurry/reddit

Cats are the craziest.

14. “How much catnip would render a cat unconscious?”


© TheInfamousWolf/imgur

Even a little bit can work.

15. When you bring her in for a bath but she refuses to get in:

© ChickensAreDecentPeople/imgur

16. Other cats bring socks. She brings tea bags.


© Molcomb/imgur

17. When your cat is curious to bite everything:

© pilgrimsoulinme/Tumblr

18. She looks proud to get up there:


© niceskill/imgur

19. The cutest thief ever!

© BurntJoint/reddit

Is your cat crazy for catnip? Does your cat react to catnip? What’s the craziest thing your cat has done? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below.


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