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Cat Posts That Can Instantly Make You Happy

Bad mood? That isn’t something a cat can’t fix.

Cats have been a part of our daily lives since medieval times when the rats would come in as a swarm and eat all our grain. Because we were unable to fend off so many rats at once, what we decided to do was allow cats to come near us, so that they could protect our grain for us. This is a very typical kind of natural relationship that happens all over the place and happens quite often. This was the beginning of how cats became our friends.

It grew into something beautiful and indescribable since then, with humans now inventing the internet for, what appears to be, the sole purpose of sharing cat pictures. We have come a long way, from barely letting cats come near us just to protect our grain, to worshipping them, and now just having them as our best buddies in our own homes. We still do worship them in a way. They live like royalty. It was a running joke for a long time that there was only explicit content on the internet, memes, and cat pictures, and usually the latter two were thoroughly intertwined. Even now, nearly fifty years after the invention of the internet, we have people using cats as memes. Look!

#1 Nurse Cat


According to BestLifeOnline;

Don’t be alarmed if your feline friend is intently staring at you. While it may seem like a threatening move, this is actually their way of showing you that they love you. As certified cat behaviorist Russell Hartstein, CEO of Fun Paw Care, explains, if your cat is staring at you and slowly blinking, they’re trying to communicate with you by showing affection. And you can even slowly blink back at your cat to offer your own love, showing your cat that they are “loved and safe around you.”

#2 Watching eateries


#3 Gram


You may not be too appreciative when you see the rear end of your cat, but this is another chance for them to show you their love. Nikki Naser, resident pet expert at Chewy, explains that if your cat regularly shows you their behind, that means they are comfortable around you and trying to tell you that you are their “favorite human.”

#4 Clarice


#5 Quarantine


#6 Date

#7 Same

You can tell a lot from a cat’s tail, and how it’s shaped when they’re around you. What shape is good? Curved. As Kelly C. Ballantyne, DVM, explained to Catster, when a cat is approaching you with a “tail straight up with a slight curve at the end,” they’re signaling to you that they are approaching amicably—which is a posture they’re often seen displaying among other feline friends or humans they’re fond of.


#8 Slippers


#9 Kiss

#10 Hugs?

Pepcheck (18) affectionately tolerating Halloumi (4mo) from r/aww


#11 Nyoom!

Those eyes from r/aww

If you’ve ever found yourself wrapped up in the tail of your feline friend, don’t take that moment to be annoyed. Instead, be appreciative—they’re showing you love! Boriana Slabakova, co-founder of PetPedia, says this is the cat equivalent to “humans holding hands.” If your cat feels comfortable enough to wrap their tail around you, it’s a sign of “true friendship, love, and trust.”


#12 More slipper

Part 2: Second slipper from Lulu from r/aww

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