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20 Adorable Photos Of Cats Who Are Too Excited For Christmas

20 Adorable Photos Of Cats Who Are Too Excited For Christmas

Guess who gets excited about Christmas more than us?

No one can get excited about Christmas more than us. Yes, they are the ones who do not shy away from expressing their excitement for the festive season. Guess what they are most excited about? We are excited to get gifts and treats but our cats get excited to ruin the Christmas trees. They would come running near the Christmas tree and try to sit on it but would end up throwing it on the floor. That *oops moment* but no regret on their faces. Today, we are bringing to you 20 adorable cats who are too excited for Christmas. So, scroll down to have a look at these cute critters.


1. Ready for Christmas:

Via rng0821

2. Daisy, looking purrfect for Christmas:


Via _daisymaecat

3. This girl is getting into the spirit of the season:


Via aliciahrich

4. Meet Santa’s little helper:


Via capt_pancake

5. Does not he look the cutest in holiday pajamas?


Via hades_underbelly

A perfect and comfy wear for cats. I guess I should get one for my cat.

6. A purrfect cap is the one that has ear space:


Via cat_lovertony

Looks like someone knitted it just for this catto.

7. Photoshoot for Christmas:


Via ritratti_dell_infanzia

8. Little reindeer is ready for Christmas:


Via filmmakersteph

9. Little Santa is here in his new house:


Via tiarannaki

Santa, where is my present?

10. Reindeer horns look so perfect on cats:


Via mmmmmmcats

Cats are a part of our family and Christmas would not be complete without them. We get ready for Christmas and how is it possible that we do not dress up our kitties? The best thing about Christmas is, you can dress up your cats. Make them wear Christmas-themed sweaters, shirts Christmas hats or reindeer ears. Trust us, they would look adorable.

People would love your cat more than the Holiday decorations. And, do not forget to take a photo of your dressed up kitty and make sure to share it with the Internet so we can bombard it with love. Scroll down to see the itty bitty creatures wearing bow ties, Christmas caps and Santa Claus clothes.

11. A photo with the Christmas tree until it is not ruined by him:


Good Luck, Christmas tree.

12. New outfit for Christmas:


Via lucky_sun_ragdollcat

13. Christmas hats are a must:

Via zeus_and_syuzi

14. It’s the festive season:


Via fluffy.kenzo

15. When it is Christmas and you see the freshly baked cookies out:

Via wenecja_siberiancat

16. This little guy is ready for Christmas:


Via taho_du_trone_de_bastet

17. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Via seamusgrey

18. The Christmas cat is ready:



19. When your cat looks absolutely cute while sleeping with the Christmas hat on:

Via mum_of_fab_4_

20. Lerry’s Christmas face:


Via twomogs_onerottiedog

Does your cat get excited about Christmas? What does it do to show its excitement? Share a Christmas photo of your cat with us in the comment section down below!

Here is a wholesome cat tax to bring a smile to your face:

Via: u/Olives_And_Cheese

“Christmas floof!”


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