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14 Cat Posts That’ll Fill You With Joy

Cats are our favourite.

No matter how upset or angry we are, a cat never fails to cheer us up. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with a kitty in person or if you’re just watching a video of it on the Internet, cats will instantly lift up your mood. They have the ability to change the energy of the entire room with their presence. What would we do without them? Cats bring joy to our lives and are sometimes our main source of happiness. I know that is true for me at least.


If that makes me a crazy cat lady, so be it. You should announce you are a crazy cat lady/man and be proud of it! Cats are all that is pure and precious in this world. They must be protected at all costs. Who is going to make us laugh when we’re feeling under the weather? Not humans, for sure. So if you were feeling a little low today, scroll down below to see 14 cat posts that’ll fill you with joy:

1. Look at that little guy peeping!

I got you, fren from r/aww

Irish Setters are the best though.


2. Performing for some food.

I demand dinner, now!

3. Two faced smol kitty.

Just Cuteness from r/cats

I have looked into the gates of heaven.

4. Teach me how to use this device, hooman.

What do you mean I’m not supposed to sit on the keyboard?


5. Best game ever.

I’m very sure if cats could breathe fire, they would burn the entire world down.

6. What did I just hear?

@nickyadhd♬ original sound – nickyadhd

Speaking the devil’s language.

7. Stay with me or I will yell.

@orionsankletwhenever i leave bernie alone for more than an hour he WILL yell at me ##catsoftiktok ##fyp ##blackcat ##meow♬ original sound – orionsanklet


This is me trying to make people stay in my life.

Honestly, cats make us feel so many emotions all at once. A cat can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can also scare the hell out of you, or get on your nerves to the point you want to rip your hair off. But regardless of how they make us feel, we still love them. So, isn’t this post an emotional rollercoaster for you? Scroll down below for the rest:

8. “You like what you see.”

Trying to distract me from work as per usual from r/cats

Rocking that dad bod!

9. Brb, ordering UberEats.

Your delivery has arrived, you need to pay meow from r/cats

Why aren’t my delivery guys this cute?

10. Isn’t that Donkey from Shrek?

After having a tooth out today my cat decided to use her fish dinner as false teeth from r/aww

She doesn’t know how funny she is and that is the funniest part.


11. Kitty is not amused.

@sadieframnessThis is my favorite sound Tea wasn’t as excited ##cat ##kitty ##lesbian ##duo ##foryou ##foryoupage ##TooManyShoes ##BiggestFan ##NotTheOne ##gay ##lgbt♬ original sound – the.badison

The best part is that the cat’s name is Tea.

12. What a duo.

The skull cat is my favourite.

13. That is one lucky purrson!

Well it’s not done yet… but I’m pretty proud about the result. What do you guys think? from r/cats

How are people this creative?


14. This is the reality.

What did you think of these cat posts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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