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Here’s How People In Different Countries Call Cats

Ever wondered why a random cat didn’t respond to you when you went abroad?

Well, cats have always been tough little creatures to crack. Unlike most dogs, who would come running towards you regardless of whatever you call them, cats can be dismissive unless you call them by the “appropriate name”. Not sure what that means? Let us break it down for you. A study suggests that domesticated cats do recognize their names but if they didn’t respond to you while you tried to call a random domestic cat in some other country, that’s because every country has their own way of calling cats and they would only respond if you call them by what the locals call them. Weeeird, right? Cats are able to learn specific words and unless you try to call them by those words, they simply won’t register it and therefore, they won’t respond to you in any way.

So, if you think that they didn’t respond because you’re a total stranger to that country, that’s kinda true because you have to adapt the traditions of the country that you live in and that includes learning the cat names as well (if you want them to respond to you). Considering the fact that you came across this article, we are pretty sure that you’re a cat lover and you want to learn those “specific names”!

So, without any further delays, why don’t we go ahead and start learning the “cats language”! It’s still easier to learn than the Chinese language though, jussayin. :p

1. Okay, so let’s just start with a Russian cat!


Kis kis kis? We bet you tried to do that just now!

2. How the hell are we even going to pronounce that?


3. More like, cutes cutes. 😉


4. I think we should just drop the idea of calling a German cat.


Too hard to pronounce!

5. Poes poes? Poes for the picture, kitty! lmao


6. Awww, this one’s cute! I can do that.



8. Wait, what!? Neko-Chan Oide?



9. Hmm…never mind.

10. Oooo… I think I taw a putty tat.


11. Is that just for the cats or can we say that to the ladies too? 😀

Such an adorable kitty though!

12. That’s an awkward name, isn’t it?


13. Haha I like that one!

We are already halfway through and can’t stop laughing at these pseudos given by the locals to these adorable little kitties. I mean, were they high when they decided to name the Polish kitty? What was it again? KITSCHI! So, if you are reading this article and your brain decides to malfunction at some time, we won’t be responsible. Kindly proceed at your own risk as it’s about to get funnier and funnier!

14. Wait for a second, is that pls pls or pis pis?


It’s probably pls pls. PLS PLS!?

15. No, I wouldn’t even call an Israelian one. :p

16. That’s a nice moustache you got there, kitty.


17. This one should be a universal name for all the cats!

I actually thought it is, isn’t it?

18. Mexicans never fail to surprise us.


19. Mats? Like floor mats? Weirdos.

20. That’s kinda cute. I like that.


21. The fact that this kitty is posing like, “draw me like one of your french girls”, is hilarious.

That facial expression though.

22. Ah, this was the most obvious, ever.


23. AWWW. Such a cutie!

Look at that little tongue popping out!

24. Again, that’s a universal one. I’d use that for all the cats, mostly.



26. OMG, look at the little one! So gorgeous!


You better respond when I call you by that name, besh. :p

27. You took that picture on purpose, didn’t you?

She already looks pissed.

And we are done for the day. That’s enough learning for you and also enough internet for today! Never even knew these things existed and some of the names are truly hilarious AF! Especially the Romanian one, “Pis, pis”!? What the hell were you guys even thinking? Oh well, at least now you won’t be ignored by these domestic cats since you’ve learnt all the names! Which one did you find the best and which one did you find the funniest? Let us know into the comments section below.



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