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Hilarious Stories Of People Keeping ‘Trash’ For Their Cats And Every Cat Owner Can Relate

Consider the items you would normally throw away: twist ties, crumpled-up paper, and rough cardboard boxes are just a few examples of what you could have thrown away but can’t. Cats obviously enjoy these items even more than the expensive things that we buy for them. Cat’s behave like a toddler, put a toy in a box and there’s a good chance these kids will end up playing with the carton, or inside the box, or even with the box on their head. Likewise, cats are not even much different from these kids.

Another day, another rustling from another room, and when you go to investigate, you find your feline companion chewing on a plastic bag or constantly battling with the shopping bag, possibly because they want to sit inside it. What you’re probably wondering is why your cat enjoys playing with plastics, shoppers, and other trash items, and how you can divert your cat’s attention away from the potential dangers that these items possess. Anyway, seeing these tiny creatures having fun with trash is the most beautiful thing to see because it lifts your spirits and adds a spark to your life.

Just scroll down to take a peek at how these cats become creative with their garbage items!

1. That’s The Cat’s Trash!

Via  @kendrawcandraw

2. This women is thinking of herself as a “cat trash”

Via  @kendrawcandraw

“If our cat sits on us, does that mean that we are trash?”

What do you think? Are we considered as a trash can if these tiny babies sits on us? No, because they believe that we are more valuable than their Kleenex Tissue Boxes.

3. This box is a favorite spot for this black beauty.

Via @juliebeth

4. That’s a beautiful and cozy hut!

Via @bethopolis

5. No one is allowed to clean this spot. Because, it’s HIS AREA!

Via @f*ckinghayley_

6. Looks as if this cat is peering into your innermost thoughts!


7. Aw! This kitty is missing one of her favorite things.

Via @DaxDarkness

As cat owners, we are always joking around about our cats’ ridiculous habits. From developing an odd obsession with our freshly laundered clothes to unexpectedly deciding to steal our biscuits right out in front of our eyes. Cats are strange and absolutely adorable creatures. We are aware of the situation, but we have to admit that our cats’ become a little weird sometimes.

It goes without saying that the fact that we keep things that are 100 percent trash in our apartment because we know our cats will enjoy them is the pinnacle of weirdness. Due to the fact that cats prefer boxes to cat trees, our living rooms are strewn with litter boxes. Just like you have one hair tie that is so worn out from being chewed on by your cat that you no longer want to wear it. However, you keep it in a corner of your bedroom because you know your cat will enjoy it. Let’s face it, we’ve all done it at one point or another. There is no such thing as shame.

Just keep scrolling down to have a look at some more adorable pictures!

8. Meet Leia! Who loves sitting in this box.

Via @Megdromeda

9. This cat enjoys squeezing and rolling around in tissue papers.

Via  @StevenZiesemer

10. Regardless of how large the box is or how much space it occupies, you can’t dispose them.

Via @dissolveriol

11. Sneaky Peaky!

Via @nwmsprof

12. Foams are the coziest place to rest.

Via @kazmergrimm

13. This guy have a room full of these boxes.

Via @dj_froge

14. What are you looking at hooman?

Via @LightingUpLove

Which picture caught your eye the most? Do you own a cat who loves to play with the trash? If so, share your pet’s picture with us in the comment section below.


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