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Cat Who Got Rescued From A House Fire, Now Takes Care Of Other Animals At The Vets

Time to meet the world’s strongest and bravest cat.

Life is very unpredictable. And I am not taking only us humans into account. This goes for everyone out there. As a living or a nonliving being, you never know what is going to happen the very next second. That’s how much uncertain things. A tree that may be peacefully spending its years in a forest could get jumped by wood loggers. A groom may crash his car on the day of his wedding. A cat could get caught up in a house fire.


Today, we are going to discuss a story about a cat who didn’t see it coming at all. This is the story of Russel who survived a house fire.

Scroll down below to read the story of the bravest cat!

Source: Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care/Facebook

Here is Russel. He survived a house fire.

Poor guy sadly suffered from 3-degree burns and the only chance of survival was to do amputations. Russel needs constant care and can’t be discharged due to many injuries caused by the fire and bur.s

But it is not the end of the line for him. Confident Russel who is a constant resident at the hospital now also looks after other animals.


The Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care located in North Carolina has got a star employee who helps the staff by visiting other animals admitted for care and treatment. The kitty uses its gentle characteristics to comfort other animals.

Russel loves it at the facility!


And he takes his job very seriously…


When asked about how Russel is like at the hospital, here’s what the staff had to say:

“He wants to meet all our patients. He just wants to be with them. I don’t know if he can sense that other animals are in pain…but he does seem to have some weird knack for connecting with patients.”

Russels puts them all above himself.


The best thing is the whole world is supporting Russel. A huge amount of donations have helped the hospital to keep Russel at the facility full time.

Russel happily looks after himself as well as other animals. Such a strong cat!


The hospital staff further said, Most cats are independent and aloof, but he likes to be with other animals.”

He loves looking after all of them. Especially the dogs. After all, they are partners in crime.



And oh yes! All that hard work makes the kitty hungry as heck!

Food is life.


“He’s a rock star here. Everyone wants to see him. We’d be happy to keep him as our clinic mascot”

He really does feel happy from the heart giving companionship to others.


Russel is actually having a really good time at the hospital. All credit goes to the hospital staff for being so pure and caring We really do need more people like them.

King of the world!

Such an amazing cat. Just goes on to show a disability really doesn’t disable you from living an amazing life. Russel is a great example for anyone who is suffering from a physical issue or a disease. It is not the end of the world. It never is.

He loves sleeping with his mates. It really helps the animals cope up with loneliness.


We are backing you, buddy! You are doing an amazing job. We really hope Russel’s health gets better and he keeps on changing the world like he is. Respect!


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