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‘Mama’ The Cat Visits A Neighbor For A Daily Dose Cuddles And A Bit Of Food

Cats are awesome creatures, but there are some people who think that cats are cold they don’t like to show love or receiving it. That’s not true at all, just as humans they have feelings too, even they can get attached to their owners or some neighbors in the neighborhood that give these fluffy creatures some food. Cats always want all the attention, if you are not giving them attention well get ready to be scratched. So here we are today with a heartwarming story of a beautiful white cat named Mama, she loves attention so much that she even ask her neighbor for pets and cuddles and a bit of food everyday. Give these cats love, attention and food, they are all yours. Sometimes I wonder what would we do without these fluffy creatures. Scroll down to see this cat who visits her neighbor for daily dose of love, cuddles and food. We are sure that you are going to love it. Don’t forget to watch it till the end.

1. Meet mama who visits her neighbor for a daily dose of love, cuddles and some food, isn’t she the cutest?

Meet mama who has been going to her neighbor on daily basis. Guess the reason? Of course food and some attention. Mama just learned that when she take her little paws to her neighbor’s door she gets cuddle, attention and a bit of food. Well it was a bit  strange at the start but it has became a daily routine for both of them.

2. Mama is looking for her neighbor who gives her food and love on daily basis


3. Looking for some food and attention be like, she is such a beautiful cat, who can ignore this kitty cat from their doorstep I guess no one


There’s not a single day that passes without a visit from this cat Mama. She visits the next door neighbor expecting some pets to play with and of course the food and she’s lucky she gets both. Well the more interesting news, it’s just not mama who loves it, the neighbor doesn’t mind her visit at all, the neighbors loves her visit. Even he feed this cat straight from his hand. What a kind lad the neighbor is, isn’t he?

4. Oh my God, if this kitty would be on my door I would just kidnap her, why is she soo beautiful?


It’s a daily routine for both of them that take place in the afternoon. She comes by the big window and knocks it, in order to attract the neighbor and let the neighbor know that I am here. Mama loves attention, in fact every cat does. He comes out for some cuddles and give her food in the end. Why stop visits, when this kitty got such a good friend? It’s a love story that will continue forever.

5. Mama while getting her daily dose of cuddles and attention


This is a heartwarming story, it seems like Mama has made a good kind hearted lad. It would be fun for Mama to go and visit him daily as she get her daily doze of attention and food. Isn’t she the cutest kitty? Let us know what would you do if Mama was on your door asking for some love and food? Don’t forget to like and share it with your family and friends. Stay tuned for more content. Thank You!.



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