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This is Why Your Cat Wraps Their Tail Around Their Paws

We all wish cats could speak.

The only thing we can get out of them is a small “meow.” Cats are very reluctant when it comes to expressing their feelings. Unlike dogs, they don’t like to show people how they feel. You can easily tell how a dog is feeling by their movement and body language. But cats, on the other hand, are very secretive. If you think you know your cat, you don’t. Their behaviour is very hard to understand because they can be very unpredictable.

However, if we pay attention to some of their behaviour, we can figure out what their mood is. Their body language can explain a lot. You must have noticed your cat wrapping their tail around themselves. There are a lot of reasons for this behaviour. Scroll down below to read some of the reasons:

1. Cold weather.

We usually take a blanket at night when we feel cold. Similarly, cats wrap their tail around themselves to conserve body heat when they feel cold. Yes, they have fur to keep them warm but even with fur, the optimum temperature for them is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celcius). If kept in cold temperatures, they are most likely to get frostbitten or hypothermia. They also cover their nose with their hands, curl up like a ball, or crouch if they feel chilly.

2. Avoidance.

If your cat isn’t cold but still has their tail wrapped around them, they just need their space. They want to observe things around them, and they are sitting in a very comfortable position. They don’t want to be disturbed right now or picked up, so it is best if you left them alone. No, they don’t hate you. Cats just like spending some time alone. When they are ready for some love, they will come to you themselves for cuddles.


3. Nerves.

If you think the reason is not any of those mentioned above, then your kitty is probably scared or nervous. If your cat is nervous about something, it will either sit upright and alert or curl its tail around itself. It is probably noticing something unusual, like a dog. Your cat will sit in a normal position as soon as the thing causing it concern goes away.


Take wrapping their tail around themselves in the same sense as humans crossing their arms. We do it when we’re cold, evasive, or nervous. I guess we aren’t that different from cats after all. What do you think is the reason cats do this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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