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Debate Sparks Up Over Whether Or Not Students With Anxiety Should Be Forced To Speak In Public

This is a very heated debate.

Mental illness is not a joke. It has a lot of influence over people’s lives. Those who do not suffer from a specific mental illness can never fully understand it. It is complicated and you should never judge someone without walking a mile in their shoes. However, no one takes mental illness seriously. Some even refuse to believe that it exists. This is due to lack of awareness and information. We need to educate people about this subject because it has become a growing problem now.

When it comes to public speaking, a lot of people feel nervous. But this fear is heightened if you suffer from anxiety. It can become quite traumatic for you and you might even feel physically sick if you are forced to do it.

Speaking in public can be extremely difficult for people with anxiety.


Twitter user @bluexmasgcv, AKA Jordan, shared his opinion on Twitter by stating that people with anxiety shouldn’t have to present in front of their class if they aren’t comfortable with it.

This was his original tweet:


He was lucky to have a very understanding teacher, but not a lot of people can say that.


He said presentations can be draining and anxiety-inducing.


He addressed the people that disagree with his statement.


If someone doesn’t have anxiety, their opinion doesn’t matter.


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Having a mental illness affects your life greatly. It can hinder even your daily activities and mess with your routine and simple tasks. A lot of people aren’t able to understand that because they haven’t been in that situation. This tweet sparked up a debate amongst people as some supported his statement while others did not.

This is how other people responded to the tweet:


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You can actually feel your stomach getting sick.


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Some teachers deal with it very poorly.


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Teachers always catch you off guard.


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This kind of behaviour makes students reluctant to go to school.

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However, not everyone agreed with him.


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People who themselves had anxiety even disagreed with him.


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People with anxiety struggle a lot.

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We shouldn’t deduct their points for things they can’t control.


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Stuttering has nothing to do with being prepared or not.

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This is what anxiety does to people.


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Being forced out of your bubble doesn’t always help.

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People make exceptions for physical disability, so why not mental?


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Now that is just cruel.

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That must be a nightmare.


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What is your stance in this? Do you think people with anxiety should have an option of not having to speak publicly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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