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15 Cats and Dogs That Are Done With Quarantine

The year 2020 has been one of the most screwed up years in the history. At least one bad thing has happened every single day. First we heard the WW3 rumors, then the Australian wild fire, then a virus outbreak (which by the way is still not over) and so much more. To be honest, nothing has been the same ever since we tried to storm Area 51, coincidence? I think not. Anyway, it’s the month of October now and we’re finally going to bid this year goodbye in like 2 months and hopefully next year life will go back to normal. That is if the clock doesn’t show 11:60 on the New Year night. Which it most likely won’t, so let’s just be hopeful and focus on the good part.


Staying at home all day was too frustrating. Though it still is mostly the same but at least we’re no longer under a curfew. The first couple of months were rough as we were completely isolated from the outside world. Sadly, we weren’t the only ones affected by this situation; our pets were too. Our pets were stuck inside with us. Back when things were normal, our pets had complete freedom at home when we were at work. They had their freedom of napping anywhere and that too without being disturbed. But when we were stuck with them under the same roof for months it was quite frustrating for them. They would do anything to have us out sight for sometime so they could live their life freely.

Below are 15 tweets of cats and dogs who just had it with the whole quarantine situation. Check them out!

“Get a life hooman!”


This is so damn hilarious!

Done with quarantine.

“You shall pay for this hooman!”


“Oh, God! When will I get some alone time? When will this hooman go back to work?!”

Some cats and dogs are kings and queens of expressing their emotions. They can’t say a single word, yet they can make us feel what they’re going through. Everything was so bad in the beginning that even the cats and dogs were losing it. They wanted us out of “their” house. They were tired of seeing our face 24/7. Most importantly, they were done with us constantly following them from room to room and taking their photos. Our pets wanted space. Thankfully, things aren’t as bad as they were a while back.

He’s surprised to see this.


The cat is done and is trying to escape.

“Please Karen! Do me a favor. Go to work!”

“What’s the matter with you, hooman!?”


The cat is up to no good…

“Seriously, hooman!? Really!?”

The dog has had enough and doesn’t care anymore…


The cat just said it all.

“Hooman, when are you going back to work? Like, at your workplace?”

This cat’s reaction tho! Its hilarious.


The danger is not over, yet. However, it’s not as bad as before either. We can now go about our normal routine by taking precaution and being careful. However, a lot of people still don’t care which is the sole reason why we see new cases every single day. Hopefully, there will come a time soon when the vaccine will be available and this nightmare will forever be over.

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