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These Viral Cats Are Going To Make You Fall In Love With Them

A lot of cats go unappreciated.

Every cat deserves to be loved. It doesn’t matter what they look like, what breed they are, or where they are from. They all deserve to have a chance at life and to live in a forever home. Ever since I got a cat, my life changed forever. My family now seems complete. I never leave out my cat whenever I am talking about family members. Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. I know you must be wondering how anyone could consider an animal to be a part of their family. It really isn’t that complicated. Cats are our best friends too. They listen, they understand, and they are always there for us.


If something seems missing from your life, it could probably be a pet cat. Trust me. And if you need some motivation to adopt a cat, scroll down below to see these viral cats that are going to make you fall in love with them:

Source: Viral Cats Group

6 years ago a stray cat came to my door for help. She weighed about 5 pounds and was skin and bone, covered in flea bites and matted fur.”

“I started brushing her but couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t eat. I couldn’t get her to come in the house but I left the window open in case she changed her mind.
A few days later she did just that and I woke up the next morning to find her in my bathroom sink.
The vet said he thought she was about 9 years old and only had six teeth left, five of which were so bad that they had to be taken out. All four canines were mobile, that’s why she couldn’t eat because of the pain so she was just starving. Now she has just one tooth, a lower incisor which she uses on Temptations. Otherwise, she eats Fancy Feast.
She is Isabelle.”

Sent by Brent William Postlethwaite.

Nala is really small.


Sent by Antonella Marie.



Sent by Jaimi Bradfield

Beau playing with his stuffed piggy.


Sent by Erin Schmid Law

“This is Chip. She came to us aged 7 weeks after being dumped out of a car aged 4 weeks. She’s very lively and very smart.”


Sent by Neil Wileman

“Cat Grisha and my Nastya.”


Sent by Amber Fox Valensuela.

Mr. Saffron and Sir Hamilton.


Sent by Jaimi Bradfield.

Cody is a cutie


Sent by Sgopal Sgpal.

Grace just got adopted at 8 weeks and she is a fan of bells and her water fountain.


Sent by Wanda Kay Frenchman

“Nala and Desy, the neighbour’s cats.”


Sent by Valeria Santon.

When you adopt a cat, you are not only making the cat’s life better, you are also improving your own life. With your cat always around to support you, you will never feel lonely. Your little feline friend will teach you how to handle responsibility. You will also experience unconditional love with your cat. Scroll down below for more:

Balu is a silly catto.

Sent by Christian M A Gut.

“Introducing Charlie. Incoming!”


Sent by Molly Strothkamp.

“This is my precious, sweet baby Tallie. She came into my life when I had two huge losses (deaths) within a week of each other, and, she helped me grieve. She rescued me.”

Sent by Heather Geary.

“My beautiful blue-eyed boy, Taj.”


Sent by Elana Mcbride.

Sir Baltazar hates rainy weather.

Sent by Robert Strand. (coonsangels)

This is Sakura.


Sent by Chemiebaby Uno.

“My sweet oldie girl! She’s 20.”

Sent by Michelle Merrick

“My name is Blåmann. This photo was taken the same day my mom came to pick me up. It’s almost 6 years ago now.”


Sent by Nina Helen Norback.

“My names Muppet and I’m enjoying having mummy at home. I get treats and rubbies on tap…. but far too many kissies.”

Sent by Leigh Buchan.

Which of these cats is your favourite? Let us know your thoughts about them in the comments below!


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