20+ Pictures That Prove Life With Cats Is Never Boring

Cats deserve the best from us.

Not only are they known to decrease stress in humans but they are also incredibly adorable and will always be there for you. Yes, they might not always let you touch them, and they might scratch your arms, they also might snarl at you at times but at the end of the day, we can’t help but love these beautiful monsters. And honestly, cats get a bad reputation since most of the time all of the behaviors mentioned above are because we don’t properly understand how they communicate.


Well, today we are listing all the things that make life so great because of cats. They certainly do a lot of weird shenanigans but life would be so boring without all of that. So whether it be a kitty being cradled like a baby, or one being angry because the hoomans left him outside, these are the little things that make life interesting. And you can take a look at all of that yourself by scrolling below.

These pictures might not make sense in sequence but when has a cat ever made sense?

#1 Only a difference of 8 months and she looks so much fluffier.

Via lychii55

#2 When you get locked outside and don’t have the keys with you.

Via cheatmuffin

Bib was accidentally shut outside, and she had a lot to say about it.

#3 Those eyes are truly hypnotizing.

Via CryPTuuNe

#4 This picture is from 1918 in the midst of the Spanish flu and they had to keep the cat safe.

Via rsltc2013

#5 This kitty is just doing some morning yoga.

Via Okpineapple213

#6 She will come under the sheets to bite your fingers when you sleep.

Via Mystyler

#7 She just wanted to be held like a baby.

Via YungBoba1

#8 Paint me like one of your french girls.

Via dcorm27

#9 This kitty looks much better in only a week of care.

Via kittiepatootie

#10 These are the moments that restore one’s faith in humanity.

Via ylher

#11 Jasper may know where she stands with her hoomans or she is trying to guilt them.

Via hannahbeliever

Sure, they might be a hassle to take care of at times but they do reduce stress levels when they’re not breaking everything and causing chaos. Another thing is that they’re good for your heart. Since they do not require the active lifestyle that dogs do, a person with a busy schedule is much suited to taking care of a cat than a dog because of their mostly independent nature.

And because of the pandemic, we all feel lonely, so a cat is a perfect cure for that.

#12 May she have many more birthdays.

Via sdgrerger

#13 This cannot get any more adorable.

Via Ryouconfusedyet

#14 Another Maine Coon alert and ready for everything.

Via thisismyuniverse_

#15 This kitty with a resting grumpy face sure is growing up quite fast.

Via Hotelcalie

#16 So, who wore it better?

Via meister2a

On the right, dress by Zac Posen. On the left, Furr by de Gato.

#17 Which supermarket has cats in stock? Because I want to go there.

Via gebenh

#18 This cat looks ready for anything.

Via perchus

#19 She might not have two legs but that hasn’t stopped her from anything.

Via Supernesfanboy

Meet Roux, she has learnt to adapt to only having two legs and can even jump up onto tables.

#20 Kitty is trying to melt our hearts here.

Via bettyandmillie

#21 What do you do when you have a lot of fur? Make a cat hat.

Via GoldenCuddles-

What are the things you love most about cats? Let us know in the comments below.


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