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19 Hysterical Cats Who Constantly Entertain Their Owners With Their Acts

Cats are the light to our bored and dull life, they sure brighten up the gloomy days. They know exactly how to seek your attention and make you feel loved. This happens through a certain course of actions, where they might simply jump onto you, brushing their fuzzy tails on the book you’re reading or they might just place their paw over your hand while you’re working on your computer and it goes on and on…


That’s not it, some feline behaviors automatically catch your attention for being so weirdly cute. What’s a cat without its mood swings and weird behaviors? They are masters at cuddling, chasing the stupidest things, and disgracefully express their displeasure in something which annoys them.

That’s exactly what we have gathered here for you if you’re new to parenting a cat and are confused over something odd your cat does. That’s okay, these goofballs can be pretty non-predictive but we sure love them to the farthest kitty world and back!

1. Weren’t you suppose to eat chickens?


Like the owner said “egg thief!!!!!!!!”

2. She sure knows she’s the DIVA

via u/alinaesther

“I rescued the cat off the street. Photos before and after. One-year difference. :)”

3. Oh thank god!! Thanks for letting us know

via u/Lord_Poopsicle

“After seeing these signs for months, I finally found some good news on my walk today!”

There still are some cat behaviors that the science has to explain but meanwhile, they just seem to be extremely interesting and we are not getting over them anytime soon! Keep scrolling to see how sensitive these kitties are to different actions we do intentionally or unintentionally. Just like the kitty below, she is not at all happy with her owner because he sneezed while she was in his lap… It’s hilarious!

4. Where are your manners, human?

via u/pokoring

“I sneezed and my kitten was disgusted”

5. Apparently, we already have a baby

via u/ladymistborn

“Everyday Momo cries until my boyfriend puts him in his “hammock” for nap time”

6. You betrayed me human, You abandoned me. Bib won’t be forgiving you for this


“Bib was accidentally shut outside, and she had a lot to say about it”

7. No more calories for you!

Via chewbaccachurchill

“This jerk won’t let me have another donut!”

8. I found another use for the bed!

Via svanvalk

He is not very fond of the golden hour!

9. I just wanted to see how it tastes, mommy!

Your food is your cat’s food, and her food is only her’s.

10. Everwhere human goes, I go too!

Via Stoon_Slar

You can count on your cat to never leave you alone.

11. I didn’t do it…

Via ancientslumber
Advertisement by UDM

“When you’re done cleaning this up make sure you take care of that poop in my litter”

12. Got it, finally!

Via  theaddressigofcats

She has been waiting for this moment for so long. This is her biggest accomplishment!

13. This is a face of the cutest cat ever!

Via ]Unowpet68

Her beautiful eyes are getting all the spotlight from this little hole. Want to grab this kitty and shower her with love!

14. I am more important than any damn crossword puzzle.

Via  winterwoods

If you have a cat around, don’t expect them to let you play on your own! You have to involve them in everything you do.

15. If you have cat, forget about having nice furniture!

Via thunderc*nt

Cats will ruin every furniture that you have in your house! They will tear it apart till it looks like trash.

16. Mom spends too much time on this. Let’s destroy it!

Via rsplatpc

Quarantine has been both a blessing and annoyance for cats. They get to have humans all day for company but humans spend most of their time stuck to the devices.

17. What is this reflection in the frame that looks exactly like me?

Via nwilde121

She is having her alone moment, let her be!

18. I am part of the clock!

Via kegerry

This is exactly the aesthetic we need!

19. They’re standing in two different palaces.

Via ItchyScallion

One thing that makes cats go crazy is the lack of attention. So if your cat leaves home unnoticed and comes back after a while surely means she had to scare the sh*t out of you for not giving it much attention.

Surely, these weird cat actions are delightful for us. A world without these crazy little kitties would be grey and dull. Who would annoy you while you’re on your laptop working from home, asking for attention? Who would come and muffle up in your feet while you sleep peacefully? Who would entertain you with their everchanging meows? Who would chase lasers and toy insects with you?

There are a lot more reasons we can list down to make you wanna have a kitty at home!

If you have ever caught your cat in action doing the weirdest thing, do share it with us. We’d love to enjoy every feline moment we possibly can.


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