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21 Cats That Won’t Scratch Your Face If You Give Them Belly Rubs

A cat that loves to get belly rubs without scratching you?!

Wow. That is rare. We all know that belly rubs are a dog thing. If you try to rub a cat’s belly, you are going to get the claws. As we talk about our adorable little felines, they are nothing less than a blessing in our life. These adorable little fluff balls are the reason why we want to go home early every day. We care about them just like our little babies. Although, little babies are not THAT moody and don’t really try to boss around but we both know who’s really the boss in this relationship. They are always up for attention regardless of whatever you are doing. If they want it, you’ve got to give it to them because if you won’t, they will not stop.

And you know what’s our reward for keeping them happy? A BELLY RUB! Yep. We get to rub their bellies as a reward which makes them look even more adorable! For the cat owners, that’s definitely one of the best feelings in the world when your cat lets you rub their little bellies while they roll around or tries to bite your fingers at first and then starts licking them while you are tickling their belly. But you MUST rub it every time they ask for it because you can’t just keep on getting lucky every time, you know. You must feel honoured to have that opportunity presented to you.

However, we have managed to gather up a few pictures of cats who love getting their bellies rubbed by their owners and their expressions are to die for. ADORABLE AF! Are you ready for it? Let’s scroll down.

1. She certainly adores that tummy rub. Look at her face! She’s enjoying every bit of it.

via @emmaaitkenF1

“Yes, yes hooman. Keep on doing that”

2. When you are trying to work and your cat needs your attention.

via effanineffablepatches

“I’m just going to take a nap. Make sure you keep rubbing my belly and do not disturb me”

3. OMG. How much more adorable can it be!?

via @Author_Devika

“Now that I have gotten her attention, I’m just gonna get some rest”


“You shall always use a toothbrush from now on, hooman. I don’t want your dirty hands on me”

5. Look at that adorable ball of fur!

via meowtime

“Hey you, get me something to eat while she rubs my belly”

6. Do you know what’s truly amazing? A stray cat letting itself pet you!

“I’m just here for the snacks. I’m gonna let this hooman pet me, it isn’t really a bad deal, I guess”

7. That is one big ass tummy and it would be so much fun to play with it!

via @LeonieMakes

“Don’t you ever leave me, hooman”

8. He doesn’t really seem to be enjoying it…

via not-close-to-straight

“What’s wrong with you John? I hate this cute stuff”

9. Someone’s weirded out

via princesstigerbelle

“Really? I didn’t even ask for it. Keep your hands off of me”

10. Look at that little Garfield! So cute!

Cat be like, “Oh, I feel so hypnotized that I have forgotten what was I here for”


via invisiblelovestory

“Stop taking pictures of my peaceful time”

12. That is one majestic furball!

“No, I’m not really in the mood for that right now. I’m only doing it for the camera”

We are aware of the fact that you are enjoying these pictures and definitely picturing your cat along. But how many times a day does your cat lets you rub their bellies? Do you get that lucky every day or are there certain time periods? We envy the people who get to rub the bellies of their cute little felines every day because the amount of trust those felines have in their hoomans, is enormous! Keep scrolling for more cuteness!

13. Or maybe she’s too ticklish?


“I love the couch and I do not mind some belly rub too”

14. He doesn’t really seem up for it?

via cutecatpics


15. That’s one HUGE cat!

via chubbycattumbling

“I love sleeping while my hooman rubs my belly like this”

16. She is such a cutie!

via @AloneRescue

“Be careful, I’ve got kids in there”

17. Don’t you just love when your cats wake you up!?

via @andrewkeates

“Hold me, hooman”

18. Here’s the grumpy little cat enjoying a belly rub

“Don’t stop until I ask you to”

19. What have you been feeding to that cat!?

via chubbycattumbling

“I know you want to rub my belly too”

20. Come on, he’s trying to take a nap here.

via princesstigerbelle

“No hooman, you don’t get it. You only do it when I tell you to”

21. Not sure if he’s enjoying being rubbed or being annoyed by the flash?

via chubbycattumbling


Well, that’s a lot of cuteness you have witnessed for today. Now you must be missing your cat and would feel like giving him/her a belly rub but hey, that entirely depends on your cat to decide. You can give it a try though. Which one did you find the cutest out of all these pictures? Let us know into the comments section below!


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