Photographer Takes Close-Up Pictures Of Animal Eyes To Show How Unique They Are

Nature is beautiful.

We have taken animals and nature for granted. We are so fixed in our 9 to 5 desk jobs living a robotic life that we have forgotten how breathtaking nature actually is. When you finally look into the details of some things, it will start to seem unreal. We need to connect to nature every once in a while. Spend some time with animals to feel at peace. Well, even if we can’t go out in the wild to appreciate nature at its finest, we can still count on photography. A picture speaks a thousand words, and you can really get lost in some photos if you look deep enough.

Some animals are hard to capture in the camera. Animals such as hyenas, crocodiles, or hippos are often just adored from a distance. However, photographer Suren Manvelyan has taken breathtaking photos of exotic animals. The photos are a closeup of their eyes. And let me tell you, it looks like something out of this world. You will be enchanted by these images. Scroll down below to see breathtaking photos that show how unique animal eyes are:

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1. Llama


It has eyelashes on the eyeball!

2. Husky


It looks like a glacier in Antarctica.

3. Alaskan Malamute


I can see galaxies.

4. Long-Eared Owl


Isn’t that a sunflower?

5. Horse


It looks like a photo of a canyon.

“I began thinking about this series after I completed a similar one about the human eye,” Manvelyan told Bored Panda. “After the first project, I had really improved in shooting eyes in any conditions, and eventually settled on the idea to photograph animal eyes.”

He photographed animals wherever he could find them. Zoos, his own backyard, oceanariums, you name it. “Sometimes, people even contact me, asking to shoot the eyes of their pets.”

6. Nilus Crocodile


Reminds me of algae.

7. Tokay Gecko

That’s a black hole!

8. Rockfish Eye


Looks like an iridescent opal.

9. Blue-Yellow Macaw Parrot

This is breathtaking.

10. Porcupine Fish


It’s a blue pearl!

“The eyes of every animal are the result of it adapting to its living conditions. That’s the reason why there are so many eye types. Water animals have completely different eyes than those living on earth, too. I think this is what makes the animal eye series so interesting to the viewer.”

11. Camel

This is quite similar to the lama.

12. Hippo


This is somewhat unsettling.

13. Ray

An eye with canopy! Makes sense with the shiny water above.

14. Crane


The eye of Sauron.

15. Chinchilla

That looks like a very scary eye for such an adorable creature.

It is quite a challenge for the photographer to capture pictures this close to the animal. For example, the lama eye took an hour of him trying to make the animal comfortable with him in a cage to get the perfect shot. “I would like to stress that all animals included in the series were alive and no animal was hurt in any way during shoots,” the photographer added.

16. Chimpanzee


Very similar to the human eye.

17. Anolis Lizard

You can see a solar eclipse here.

18. Cat.


That looks like a very weird cat-eye. Not the usual shape.

19. Gecko Eublepharis

This is beautiful.

20. Black rabbit


This looks pretty human too.

21. Fennec Fox

They have slit pupils just like cats.

22. Blue Crayfish


It’s a compound eye or many eyes put together. It allows for vision in multiple spectrums but has poor vision quality.

23. Armenian Muflon

This is a type of wild sheep.

24. Discus Fish


So many bright colours!

25. Coral Zebra Fish

This one looks a bit trippy.

26. Husky Dog


A planet giving off radioactive waves.

27. Garden Boa, Python

I’m sorry, I can’t take this one seriously. It looks like a butt.

28. Tiger Python (Non-Albino)


Isn’t this very dangerously close?

29. Siam Cat

It has muted colours and a complex design in the iris.

30. David’s Deer


Herd animals have similar eyes.

What did you see in these eyes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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