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16 Cats That Chose Their Humans Themselves And Adopted Them

Cats are the bosses of their own lives.

Cats are pretty independent creatures. They do not like to depend on anybody for their survival. This is why they do so good out in the wild. They can fend for themselves. They are great hunters and are good at finding shelter. However, they still don’t deserve to live such a hard life. Life out in the streets can be very dangerous for cats. There are all sorts of diseases out in the open. There are predators and even evil humans who would cause them harm. They have to struggle a lot to find food. This is why we believe all animals deserve a home instead of such a struggling life in the streets. Because cats do not like standing in line and waiting for someone to pick them, they just choose their own humans. Whether you want to believe it or not, cats are not really evil. They are actually pretty affectionate. They love their humans unconditionally. You are very lucky if a cat chooses to live with you. This means you just gained a life partner who would look out for you. Also, street cats tend to be much more grateful to the people who adopt them. Sorry – scratch that. I meant, the people they adopt. Cats are so generous, they just want to make the lives of humans better so they just randomly decide to start living with them.


A lot of people narrate stories of cats choosing them. They either follow these people home or just show up at their house and refuse to leave. Assertiveness, we like it! If you have never seen a cat do this before, you are in for a treat today! Scroll down below to read stories of 16 cats that chose their humans themselves.

1. A tough, big girl now!

Via @MeganJuracek

2. This is my house now, human.


Via @absolutetrygve

3. Georgie wasn’t crying. He was just announcing that he is claiming this home for himself.


Via @glitterchick69

4. They are happy babies now.


Via @keilse_I

5. His black fur is so shiny!


Via @SquiddyMuffin

6. Little kitty asserting dominance in the house.


Via @JeanKester

7. This bed is all mine.


Via @Jeankester

8. Aww, it’s so cute and small.


Via @ProudDoggieMom

Adopting a cat can very much change your life. If you have somewhat of a busy routine and are unsure about keeping pets, a cat might be the best choice for you. They do not require attention 24/7 and you will not have to take them out for walks several times a day. They require relatively less effort than dogs. They do love attention though and they like cuddling with their humans when they get comfortable with them. Trust me, when a cat becomes comfortable with you, you will love all the affection it will give you. Scroll down below for more stories:

9. Living like Kings now.


Via @drfrazier22

10. I always say the more, the merrier.


Via @kissing_whiskey

11. Olivia is living the dream life.

Via @ProudDoggieMom

12. Sammy is a survivor!


Via @jibberjabber57

13. All they need is a little love and care.

Via @Shell546

14. Petey decided he wanted to stay.


Via @kelslweber

15. Lily Bit is a strong catto.

Via @akaXochi

16. Kitties love watching Youtube videos.


Via @hollowaymartin

Has a cat ever chosen you? Share your stories with us in the comments below.


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