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20 Cats Doing Stuff Which Makes No Sense At All

Cats make no sense.

It does get hard to believe, at times, that the most loved, adopted, cherished, adored, and enjoyed pet animal in the world often doesn’t make sense at all. I am pretty sure the majority that do not like cats give their cold personality as a reason for their dislikes and never the appearance because when it comes to the looks, no other animal comes closer. Those unique patterns on their coats, the floofy fur, big cute eyes, and an extremely adorable meow all add up to their, what I like to call, eternal beauty.

But, given the amazingly attractive appearance that a cat has, their behavior and personality-driven by that behavior still remain a mystery at large. Cats are very unpredictable and pack a huge surprise when it comes to what they are feeling. The obvious language barrier does it make hard, but the senseless things that they often do make it more funny and dumb than awkward or concerning.

Let’s enjoy some cats being their senseless selves and no, there is no rationale behind it.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Perhaps it’s a sleeping mask in order to keep the sun out of the eyes. Peaceful mapping is top priority for cats.


2. Nothing too crazy here. Just a black cat estimating the grams of cement used to fit each brick.


It’s for a science project.

3. A kitty’s way of protesting for not getting a 50 gram piece of meat. It got 49!


Ain’t no playing when it comes to food.



5. Any set-up or piece of the house that seems uncomfortable to you, will be the comfiest for your cat.


Can you tell why the tank? No, yoh can’t. Neither can I. No one can.

6. It’s a cat throwing shade. And shades don’t require any universal parameters.


7. Let me just avoid all the tasty fish and lick this water instead. Because I am a senseless cat.

8. Dad! Turn the timer on. I am going to break the world record for keeping all 4 paws on the tinniest spot.


9. Dogs look like they can’t believe their eyes. The nemesis is right there, chilling in their lounge like it’s its best friends’ is.

10. What’s the fun in sitting in the car? This is the real adventure.


My brain is probably making a million regulations a day just to develop some sort of logic out of these random-ass acts that these cats are doing. There has to be. I know not for us because to us these all seem very senseless, very dumb, and very funny. But what I strongly believe is to these cats, all these cats make full sense and are a source of some emotional release.

Let’s keep the research going. Scroll down below to continue.

11. Study time who? It’s cat time.

12. You watch me. And I’ll watch the game for you. Oo, nice shot!


13. And got the shock of his life. The regrets can be seen filled in those eyes.

14. That’s it. The new favorite toy for the next 7 days is Dad’s beard.


15. If there is an open box within the vicinity of a cat, that box will get occupied.

16. Plastic bags are where cats recharge their batteries….


17….And once the battery is full, they eat that bag so one else can attain the level of energy they contain.

18. Anything that dangles in its place from point A to B and back is an amusement for a cat.


19. Believe it or not, this cat is having a blast in this picture. That’s how they roll.

20. Oh and yes, looking out of windows for minutes on minutes staring at God knows what, is their favorite thing to do.


I would like to rest my case by stating that I could, indeed, not find any rationale for what these cats are doing and I just wish whatever the thought-out process is behind the senseless acts, the cats achieved it.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Cats will always remain cats. That’s the rationale.


What do you think?